weekend recap: June 13-15

We were pretty busy this weekend so I didn’t have a lot of time for picture taking.  While David was working on Friday I was make him starting to make his food for a week long trip to a wetlands course.  He’s about 4 hours away right now :(  
The rest of Friday was spent doing the usual (eating and relaxing). Recently we’ve been giving Vinnie some treats my mom gave her and she LOVES them.  David is her best friend when it’s treat time.  We are trying to train her to “sit” and I think it can be done.  She kept biting my fingers after I gave her a treat…they must have smelled like snacks still.

We got up at a decent time on Saturday to go grocery shopping for more food for David to take on his trip. He needed new dress pants and shoes so we bought those too.  I spent the rest of Saturday cooking, doing laundry and cleaning.  It’s pollen season now so all of the flat surfaces in the house are covered in it from having the windows open.  I have to dust and vacuum every day now instead of every other day. David finished working on his dad’s Father’s Day present and his belated Mother’s Day gift for his mom.

Sunday was another early day because we went to see the Lion King musical with my in-laws. It was a surprise gift for my father in law that he didn’t know about until he opened the ticket envelope.  We showed up at their house around 8:30 AM and he wondered why we were there and why we had dressed up (We said it was for church). Then he opened his cards and gifts and saw the tickets.  He saw that they were for that afternoon and everybody went to get dressed for it.  We drove to the city, had brunch and then saw the show.

Cameras weren’t allowed during the performance but I was able to take the above picture to show the location of our seats.

There wasn’t an enforced dress code but most people wore “business casual” clothes.  We took this picture once we got back home around 6 PM, so our clothing is a little wrinkled.  After we changed into regular clothes David go busy packing up his stuff for his course.  When he left I pretty much just lazed around until bed.  I expected Vinnie to steal David’s spot on the bed, which is what she usually does every morning when he gets up to shower, but she stayed in her own bed.

I had planned to paint the living room today but I woke up with a headache that seems to be worsening.  I think my day will now involve lots of sleeping instead.

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