weekend recap: June 20-22

This weekend started off great because David came home from a week long wetland course!  When he got home we did our usual routine of food and Netflix.

On Saturday we had a family BBQ at my in-law’s cottage.  David’s youngest cousin, Sydney,  had her first canoe ride with her dad and David and she loved it (she even wanted to go again).

um, ok….can I just point out how SUPER BUFF my husband is?!  :D

The dogs cried and waited for the canoe to come back.

 I got a new hat, so of course I have to take a picture of me in it. #dockselfie #isthatevenathing?  #i’mtoooldforthis

I’ve been spotted!

After their canoe ride we took Sydney for a walk to catch butterflies, dragonflies and frogs.  Along the way we pointed out different wild plants and even found wild strawberries.  We compared the leaves of poison ivy to those on wild strawberry and Sydney pointed out the strawberry leaves are different because they have teeth on them.

David caught a dragonfly in his net and taught Sydney how to properly hold them without hurting them.

On Sunday we went to church and in the afternoon I had an engagement session to photograph.  We took pictures at the bride’s father’s farm (where she grew up).  The light and the scenery made for some great pictures and I had such a hard time choosing just 1 for this post (feel free to check out my photography!).

We finished out Sunday with a BBQ and some housework.  I don’t have anything super exciting planned for this week…mostly just weeding all 6 of the gardens, dusting and vacuuming the pollen from the house er’ryday and going into town for my weekly shopping trip. I’m also meeting my friend Heather for ice cream, which will be nice.

The weather is supposed to be super hot and sunny this week so I’m hoping to spend a lot of time on the back deck with a good book!

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