weekend recap: June 27-July 1

I know it’s Wednesday now and I always post the recap on Monday but it’s been a little busy here.  David had a 4 day weekend, which threw off my timeline too. Oh well.  The world didn’t stop because I posted out of schedule!

The weather on Friday was sooooo hot! I tried to do some yard work but could only go out for a few hours at a time.  We’ve got annoying beetles eating some flowers so I spend some time every day or so inspecting each plant and squashing the bugs.  They are currently eating the peony in the front garden, which I’m not too concerned about since it came with the house.  But the beetles (called rose chafer beetle) will eat any tree or plant so I have to make sure they don’t spread to the other gardens.

When David got home from work on Friday we went out for dinner (it was way too hot to cook!).  I got my fave sammie, pulled pork, and David got some sort of steak sammie. YUMEH! I took home some leftovers and ate them for lunch the next day, which is always fun.
On Saturday we went to a BBQ and pool party at David’s grandma’s house.  She moved from the city to the country a few years ago and we are now the closest relatives to her house.  The whole family (and their dogs!) were there and it was nice to see everyone since we live spread out from each other.  
Everyone on my father-in-law’s side of the family, plus dogs Tag, Reese (being held), Scout, Lexi and Charlie.
We are really experiencing summer weather this weekend, so I even went in the pool and I’m NOT a swimmer. I just floated around an inner tube for a while and then sat on the patio afterwards. Some of the dogs even swam, too!
On Sunday I had my first shift of my new job.  The last job I had was just for Christmas season, so I’m glad to be back working after 5 months off.  Most of my co-workers are high school students and I feel so old working with them, haha!  Everyone I met so far is really nice so I think I will enjoy working there.  
Monday brought really hot weather so we spent most of the day indoors.  We did venture outside to buy a new tree and David cut some of the grass before his allergies forced him inside.

Tuesday was the first beach day with my mom of the season and Canada Day!  We’ve been going to the beach on Canada Day weekend for years and it’s become a tradition I really like.  We’ve found a great beach, although it’s always crowded so we have to make sure to get there early enough to snag a good patch of sand.  We don’t swim in general, but especially not in Lake Ontario because the water is so cold!  So we just bring books, magazines and snacks to keep ourselves occupied. We also enjoy people watching and have seen some funny things at the beach (like a police officer on a Segway ordering someone to empty their beer into the sand because beer is not allowed on the beach).

Even though the temps are getting hotter each day I still prefer this weather over winter!

PS I tried to post more pictures from my Blackberry, but I’m convinced technology hates me which is why it rarely works.

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