weekend recap: June 6-8

This past weekend was SO productive!  Well, Friday was a lazy evening which we spent BBQing and watching Netflix.  On Saturday we were both up at a decent time because I had a client meeting at noon.  The meeting was with a classmate from high school, whom I haven’t seen in the 6 years since we graduated. While I was out David was fighting his grass seed allergy and cutting the lawn.  We have an acre of flat and rolling grass so cutting it takes a few hours.  My mom had given us a tractor but David finds that the gas power is often more efficient.  Still, grass cutting takes a few hours.

David picked me some flowers he saw growing in the yard so I came home to this.

For the past few years David and his family have been getting heirloom tomatoes from someone they know.  Now that we have our own house, we are getting tomatoes too.  Last year I planted them waaay too close together because we didn’t have enough space for them all.  This year we doubled the size of the veggie garden so now there is plenty of room for the 28 plants.  The garden is now 10 x 20 feet.

In the late afternoon we decided to return one of our apple trees we bought last summer that didn’t make it through winter.  The nursery offers a 1 year guarantee or you get an exchange.  We got another tree and planted it in our “orchard”.

empire apple tree
So far we have 5 fruit trees.  There was a peach tree but it died over winter so we are replacing it with a different fruit tree  (The cherry tree arrow in the bottom right points to a tree that is out of frame).

On Sunday David finished cutting the grass, I gathered yard waste (grass clippings and weeds) and we layed new sod in a couple places.  Sod id really heavy! Before it’s layed you have to soak the soil which gets very muddy.  I made the mistake of wearing my Birks but I changed into boots.

Recently David installed the window well around our wood stove pipe but the yard sloped towards the pipe, which meant that we might have some water leaking in the future when the snow melts in spring.  To remedy that potential problem I built the rock retaining wall and he piled dirt against it to create a better slope.  If we left the dirt as is and waited for grass to magically appear, it could take a really long time (our septic tank was pumped 2 years ago and the grass still hasn’t come back all the way!).  David’s dad was ordering sod for his yard and got some extra for us to cover this baldy patch.  Here’s what this area looked like last weekend.

You can see that the soil was a little lower than the window well, but what’s not pictured is the very steep hill that would allow water to flow right into the well. Then the concrete foundation might get wet, our basement might get wet and it would be a big nightmare!  This was a relatively easy and inexpensive fix, since we  already had the soil leftover from the garden expansion and we didn’t buy the sod. Now, hopefully the sod takes and survives!

We spent the rest of Sunday doing some more yard work and then relaxing.  The nights have been getting warmer and since we replaced our ceiling fan in our room last year, we’ve had to sleep with the windows open.  Our duvet is too thick to use in summer so we usually used 2 small blankets, 1 for each of us.  David’s choice was the blanket he got on a family trip to Mexico when he was younger.  I found 2 similar blankets online and sewed them together to make one large enough for us to share. Yay!

navajo blanket

I’m glad to have been so productive this weekend.  But now that it’s Monday and David is at work I’m feeling less motivated to do things.  I still have indoor chores to do, such as dusting and vacuuming.  And washing dishes since our dishwasher decided it hates me.  I also have a stack of books from the library  so I’ll hopefully spend a few hours reading.

Have a great week, and check back here later for a butter tart recipe made WITHOUT corn syrup!  Or, if you’d rather have an e-mail sent straight to your inbox whenever I make a new post click the “Follow me By E-mail” button on the right of the page.

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