weekend recap: May 23-25

On Friday David and I decided to eat dinner out and see a movie.  It was one of those days where I feel so unmotivated to do anything, especially cook.  We ate at a local burger place (I had a pulled pork sammie…mmm!) and saw Blended in the theater. It was a nice, relaxing night out for us.

On Saturday the yard work began!  Our house in on 1 acre, so it seems like there is always stuff to do. After having problems with our lawn tractor David decided to use the gas powered lawn mower instead and it actually takes his less time to do the grass with it.  Afterwards he went to help his dad with some yard work.

Unfortunately, this is what happens on super hot days when you use expired sunblock.

Thankfully we have an aloe vera plant that works wonders on sunburns. I still think the gel inside the leaves smells like bad BO.

Also on Saturday: our cat Venelope (who I often refer to on this blog as Vinnie) discovered a chipmunk for the first time.  This little guy had been sneaking bird seed from a bag we left on the deck.  Venelope went nuts and actually head butt the screen trying to catch the chippy.  We put a piece of wood in the screen to hold it shut.

We had our first BBQ of the season on Saturday and cooked burgers as well as potatoes.  I used freshly picked chives from our yard on the potatoes.  They grow all over our yard and have a little purple flower.

On Sunday David’s dad came over to help with some yard work that I’m not good at (such as digging holes in very rocky soil, hauling around wheel barrow’s full of dirt…).  One of the tasks they did was install a window well around our wood stove pipe.  The stove is in the basement and the well is necessary so the pipe can be inspected and cleaned easily.  If we didn’t put the well in we’d either have a giant hole in the ground forever, or it could be filled and re-dug every time we needed to check the pipe.  I was expecting it too look bad with a giant metal window well poking out, but it isn’t very noticeable at all! Plus, there is a garden right next to it, so the flowers will further distract from the metal.

While making the window well hole a little bigger, David found this homemade..spork (?) in the ground. Seriously, the people who built this house and those that lived here before us were so weird!

Our veggie garden was also expanded so it’s now double it’s original size.  We get heirloom tomato plants from someone David knows and we are planning to save some of the seeds so we can grow our own from scratch next year.  The garden is now 10 x 20 feet and sits in our front yard.  To the left of the garden is our little “orchard” with some apple, cherry and peach trees.

While the men were doing more physically demanding work I was leveling a patch of grass/dirt by one of the gardens. I also weeded and built up the rock retaining walls.  This garden is under our living room window.  I’m so glad things are actually blooming this year! Last spring I ripped out everything that the previous owners had planted (mangy cedar bushes and a terrible spreading plant) and decided to start fresh with new plants.  The garden looked so sad and bald because the plants were small and spaced apart but they all came back bigger this year. I added some bleeding hearts which look so nice in bloom! you may be able to see the patch of grass and dirt I leveled out in the top right corner of the picture.  It was considerable higher than the yard and garden!

Our weekend was busy but fun.  We relaxed yesterday by having another BBQ and watching some shows on Netflix.

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