weekend recap: May 30-June 1

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  The weather forecast was predicting rain on Saturday and Sunday but both days were sunny and warm.  David brought home some mulch on Friday after work so that was spread to the newly expanded veggie garden.  We just relaxed for the rest of the evening, as we usually do on Fridays.

On Saturday David went to help a friend move his tractor to a mechanic and bring mulch to his parent’s house.  They decided to go fishing at my in-law’s cottage afterwards so after dinner David and I met his friend and girlfriend there.

standing at the dock looking up at the cottage.

We stayed there for several hours and left around 11:30. We ended up having a BBQ, fishing off the dock and having a bonfire.

These were taken around 9-9:30 at night with my pocket camera since I forgot my 60D at home.  

roasting marsh mellows!  I haven’t done this in 6+ years!

David and I got home after midnight and slept in so late on Sunday we actually missed church!  Once we were able to successfully drag ourselves out of bed we had to drive into town for some errands.  Before we left I had time to whip up an egg souffle for breakfast.  It’s filled with spinach, 2 kinds of cheese and some bacon.

this is all for David…I hate egg dishes and will only eat them if incorporated into a dessert.

One of our errands was picking up a board game I found found for sale online.  A few months ago we went for dinner at our friend’s house (they’re our country neighbors and I used to work with the wife) and we played some board and card games after dinner. They had quite a nice collection and we realized we had NONE. So now David and I are looking for some games…I’m on the hunt for Guess Who? which I used to play with my brothers and cousin ALL.THE.TIME.

we got the Game of Life! when I was little and my grandma would babysit us my brothers and I would play this with my cousin so many times. I was really glad to find a never played game for $7 online:)

When we got home on Sunday we did some yard stuff, house stuff, ate dinner, watched some TV and then played the Game of Life. David had never played it before and I was a little rusty on the rules, but it was still fun. I think you can play it with up to 8 people, which is probably a bit better than just 2!

Can you recommend some games we should buy? I’m looking for classics, like Risk, Battleship, Clue, etc as well as some card games.

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