weekend recap: October 3-5

Today you get two blog posts instead of one (lucky readers!).  This past weekend was pretty low key, which is nice sometimes.  On Friday we went to see Boxtrolls in the theatre, so that was a nice evening out.  David and I used to see movies quite often when we were first dating, and we still enjoy it although it seems like the quality of movies has changed a lot since then.  Anyway, we both enjoyed the movie because it was funny and unlike others out there.

On Saturday I worked at the library for a few hours while David was out with his dad.  He made a trip to the dump with a bunch of stuff we had sitting in the garage and also got more firewood.  I’ve probably mentioned here before how we dislike relying on propane as our heat source.  The cost of filling our tanks from empty to full is over $700.  I’d guess that we spend between $1500-2000 per year on propane…and that isn’t including the cost of electricity to power the furnace.  That is the main reason we are inclined to heat our house with just our wood stove, especially since the wood we use is free to us.

Sunday was another relaxing day.  We tidied up the house a bit, made a really good chili which I’m debating sharing with you all…the meat we used is a little unusual so I’m not sure what k
ind of response I’ll get.

In the afternoon I had a couple family photo sessions to do, and even though rain was expected, we had good weather.

It was pretty chilly out but the babies seemed to be having fun anyways!

David took some photos of me after my shoot so I could show you guys what I wear in a more casual setting.  I think David was trying to be sneaky in this blooper picture below, but it sort of backfired since I moved too.  Looking at that photo makes me a little dizzy!

Today I worked in the morning and am hoping to make a dent in editing some weddings I did a few weeks ago.  This is crazy time of year, what with Thanksgiving being around the corner!  I’m also photographing another wedding next week, so hopefully I can get all caught up by then.

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