weekend recap: September 12-14

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was super busy, but still enjoyable.  On Friday it was my birthday so David and I went out for dinner with a couple friends to celebrate.  After dinner we went to my in law’s house to pick up my pressie.  My mother in law is an amazing knitter!  She has knit countless pairs of mittens, socks, hats, scarves and more throughout the years (I’m actually wearing a pair of socks she made me now!) but the most impressive item, in my opinion, is the Fleming clan sweater.  David has one that I’ve admired for years and borrowed on several occasions, so he suggested to his mom that she should make me one.

Each family has a specific pattern and each design on the sweater stands for something. For example, the cable stitches are a symbol of good luck.  There’s so much cool info about this sweater that I will save it for another post!

I worked all day Saturday, first at the library in the morning and then had some photography stuff in the afternoon and evening.  There was a book sale at the library so I snagged 8 boxes full of books to pass along to my mom’s friend’s daughter, who is going to be teaching at a reservation.  My afternoon meeting was to book a wedding for next summer and it went very well (they hired me!).  I had some time to come home and rest before heading out again to shoot an evening wedding of a former high school classmate.

On Sunday David and I had separate plans  to spend time with our own families.  My mom wanted to take me out shopping for my birthday and David’s family was having a birthday lunch for his dad (whose birthday was on Saturday).   He had a busy afternoon helping his sister collect insects for her insect biology class project and found some snails for his crayfish aquarium.  I got some skirts and dresses and CANDY CORN while out with my mom (seriously, everyone hates candy corn but me right?).

Oh, and I should mention that David has been cooking dinner a lot recently…check these out.

Om nom nom!  The top two pictures are various stir fry dishes and the bottom is homemade turkey burgers with a different stir fry.  The man can cook!

This week I’ll be posting a yummy recipe and my usual Thankful Thursday.

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