weekend recap: September 19-21

Happy Monday, everyone.  Did you have a good weekend? We had some summery weather, which was nice but also confusing since last week was so cold!

On Friday afternoon I modeled a little for an up and coming photographer in the area (pictures are a secret for now but I’ll share them soon!).  Afterwards David and I met up to look for a new jacket for him to wear while duck hunting. Since we were out a little later than expected we bought a couple pizzas for dinner and watched some Netflix when we got home.

On Saturday I worked at the library (as I will every Saturday for the next several months) and started making a fall book display.  I have a student intern who is really artistic so she is an invaluable resource for someone like me with the art skills of a kindergartner.  After the library I was off to shoot a wedding.

If you wanted to see more  from the wedding click here.  Saturday was also David’s family Thanksgiving at his grandma’s house.  Yes, it is early, even for Canadians!  But she wanted to make sure everyone could attend so she planned it early.  I, however, was absent since I had booked this wedding months in advance.  David said the food was all very good and came back with gifts from his grandma’s trip to Ireland. We got a neat little coaster and a dish to rest tea bags on.  Guess what else David got?

Those are 2 Irish potatoes. He wants to try growing them so we can have Irish potatoes in abundance for many years.  I think his grandma was a little surprised at his request for them, but it is a neat idea.

On Sunday we just rested.  Eventually we left the house for our monthly grocery shopping trip (we did September’s shopping at the end of August so now we did the trip for October).  We did a bit of cleaning up once we got home and then just relaxed until bed.  I’ve been so tired lately!

Today I’m getting my hair cut and doing some house work.  Every time I tell my mom I’m getting my hair cut she says I have nothing to cut because it’s already so short.  I usually see my hairdresser every 5-6 weeks but I’d prefer to see her every 3 weeks so I can maintain my hair length instead of letting it grow a few inches before getting a trim.  I really notice the few inches of growth since having shorter hair!

This week we are hopefully getting a new hot water tank since ours has officially stopped working properly (something about calcium from the hard water here building up on the sensors in the tank).  We are also planning to finish up some projects around the house and critter proof the exterior since I saw a raccoon in our yard last week. We certainly don’t want her deciding our attic is a nice place to live over winter!

What are your plans for the week?  If you have a couple minutes to spare could you please fill out my survey about Our Wood Home?  The responses I get will help me understand what you guys like reading here and help me improve my blog in general.  Thanks!

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