weekend recap: September 26-28

Good morning everyone, how was your weekend?  Mine was pretty eventful!  To start, I worked on Friday (my first early morning shift…must be a good sign!) and then came home to wait for the plumbers to install our new hot water tank.  Last Monday I wrote about how we did not have any hot water since our tank failed and it was definitely a challenge to go without hot water for several days.  The old tank was inefficient and inaccessible because the previous home owners had installed a new furnace and built a new wall, which boxed in the heater.  David had to, unfortunately, cut  half the wall out to access the tank :(  But it was fairly easy so he will be able to put the drywall back up with no problem.

On Saturday I worked at the library and finished up a new book display that I’m really excited about.  I found this idea on Pinterest, so I can’t take all the credit but the head librarian LOVED it!

library displays

It says “LEAF through a good book” and has books on display that haven’t been checked out in a while.  I’ve been withdrawing books that haven’t been checked out in 7+ years so I’m hoping I can save some by doing displays like this.

Also on Saturday David went duck hunting with some friends, but had no luck with bringing home  a bird or two.  Oh well, there is still plenty of time left this season!

Sunday morning was spent at work while David did some work at home.  He filled some holes in the siding to ensure no critters come into the house this winter.  We’ve recently had a problem with mice so, in addition to trapping them inside, we have to make sure they can’t get into the house again.  In the evening I did some family and engagement photos for a fun young family.

Corey and Natalie are getting married next September and want me to shoot their wedding, so we did a mix of family pictures and engagement ones yesterday.

That’s pretty much it for my weekend.  I’ve been doing these recap posts since summer, so I’d like to know if you guys actually enjoy reading them.  Or do you not care how I spend my time on weekends?  Please let me know (you can do so anonymously) in the comments below.

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