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How do I know Spring has arrived?  The air smells crisp and clean; honeybees are waking up from hibernation; the birds are returning.  I admit to feeling sad a lot this winter, which I know was due to the miserable weather.  But this week I’ve been waking up in great moods!

Here are some of the outfits I’ve worn this week.

Last Friday I wore this simple outfit for working at home.  Normally I’d wear this tee shirt under a cardigan but I switched it up with a long sleeved shirt underneath.

modest outfit

Here is a different outfit for me!  On Saturday David and I cleaned out the garage a bit, made a dump run, and did some yard work.  Normally, I’d wear my denim maxi skirt but since I only have one I didn’t want to risk ruining it, I decided to wear…jeans.  To keep it modest (since our other neighbours were out and I knew I’d see other people at the dump) I wore a tunic under my hoodie.  Is this a particularly feminine or share-worthy outfit?  No, but it’s real, and that’s what I strive to share with you all.

modest outfit

On this day I worked at home and then did some chores, which included cleaning out my closet room.  I honestly don’t know what is up with my hair, but it was soooo voluminous!  Of course, when I tried to recreate this hair style another day, it didn’t work!

modest outfit

David and I went out for a treat after dinner, so I wore my comfiest skirt with a bow printed top.  I even skipped leggings and socks!  This outfit is the lazier version of one I wore a couple weeks ago.

modest outfit

Here’s what I wore yesterday.  This outfit is nothing spectacular, except for my SHOES!

modest outfit

Oh…are you not impressed?  You should be!  They are giraffe printed Keds!  I’ve had these shoes for so long, and despite all the weird fashion phases I’ve gone through, these have remained in my possession.  They are from a limited edition collection of Keds, and I actually used to have a blue pair with ducks printed on them.  Sadly, they were a touch too small they were given away.  I’ve since been obsessed with finding a replacement, but sadly the only pairs I can find online are either expensive or don’t ship to Canada:(modest outfit

I had hoped to be wearing shorter skirts by now, and while the weather is certainly warming up, I find it still a bit too cool for anything besides a maxi skirt. But who am I trying to kid…?  I will likely be wearing maxis all spring and summer anyways!

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