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Happy Good Friday, everyone!  A little while ago, the worship team at church introduced this song, and I loved it right away.  It’s such a good reminder of what Jesus did for us on the cross.   He suffered and died so that we no longer had to pay the price for our sins and we were given the chance to have a personal relationship with God through the death of Jesus.  Friends, I’m so glad to have this platform for sharing my faith with you all!  If you would like to talk more about what I believe, I welcome e-mails to my personal account (davidswife2574@gmail.com).

In keeping with blog tradition, here are some of the outfits I wore this week. Even though spring started on the weekend, the weather is still sort of wintery with some flurries and cold temperatures.  Despite that, I’m determined to wear my spring clothes!

On Saturday I ran the photo booth and took candid photos at our church’s community Easter egg hunt.  Each item of clothing I wore is something that makes me feel happy but I wouldn’t have thought of combining everything.

modest spring outfit 4

On Sunday I wore this floral printed dress, which my mom convinced me to get in the fall.  I wasn’t sure about it because it seemed too fancy for me, but I’m glad she (and the sales associates!) convinced me to get it.  It’s a very summery dress, so to keep it practical for cool weather I wore leggings and a long sleeved top underneath.  I wore black flats as well.  My first choice for cardigan is a cropped pink one, but I needed long sleeves, and happened to grab this soft green one.  I’m pleased with the overall look!

modest spring outfit 3

When I stay home, I still try to dress well, even if the outfit is casual.  I’ve worn some version of this grey top and blue skirt a lot lately because it’s so comfy.  To keep it interesting, and to help control my hair, I popped on a white floral headband.

modest spring outfit

The way my hair had a;ready curled itself worked perfectly! all I had to do was slip the headband on and tuck my long bangs under.  I really like how this looks and will definitely be repeating it again!

modest spring outfit2

For youth group I wore my new denim peplum top with the same light green cardigan as earlier this week.  I was stuck on a skirt, so I chose this striped one hoping it looked okay. When I bought this top I had plans of wearing it with brighter, shorter skirts but that will have to wait a few more weeks.

modest spring outfit

You can check out Facebook to see a better shot of the custom lip colour I wore in this outfit.

 Have a great weekend, everyone!

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