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Do you have a “uniform”?  I don’t mean one you wear for a job, but rather one that you wear in everyday life.  I’ve noticed I pretty much wear the same type of outfit: maxi skirt, cute sweater OR long sleeved top and cardigan.  Occasionally I throw on a scarf too.  While some people might say I’m in a fashion rut I’d argue that having a “uniform” makes my life easier, since each outfit is some variation of the one before it.  When I wrote about capsule wardrobes I said I own a lot of clothes, but that helps me create unique outfits even though they are all the same structure.

This week’s outfits are almost all the same, except for the first one.  Since my library job ended I decided to start looking for a replacement, and this is what I wore to hand out resumes.

modest spring outfit 10

This rolled hair style is one I used to do on my much longer hair, so I’m glad I’m able to do it at this length too.

modest spring outfit 9

The scarf I’m wearing here is one I got on my recent shopping trip, and I really enjoy wearing it.  The patterns are fun, but the scarf itself is fairly warm even on cold days.

modest spring outfit 11

I’m really liking my new denim jacket, but it is still weird to be wearing it inside!  When I first got it, the colour seemed a little too light but it’s growing on me now.


On Thursday David and I had a date night, where we went for dinner and a movie.  The restaurants we go to are fairly casual so this outfit was appropriate.  I haven’t worn this lace top in a while, and was unsure how it would look over a sweater but I’m pleased with the result! modest spring outfit 12Have a good weekend!


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  1. I love the outfit with the lace top, it looks great on you. I do not have a ‘uniform’ , but most days i wear a skirt with a long sleaved top and a nice scarf… I love wearing scarves! You can change your look with just a scarf, and since i don’t own that many clothes, a scarf is my trick to make a “new” outfit :-)

  2. I kind of do in that most days for housework and kids I wear a mid calf skirt (various) and a simple white top or blouse.

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