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I’m soooo ready for the spring weather and wearing less layers!  I love layering, but there comes a point when it’t just too much work, and that time is NOW.  And while I love maxi skirts, I look forward to being able to wear shorter hemlines too.  But until then, I’m going to be attempting to bring some spring freshness to my outfits!

Here is what I wore to church last weekend.  The sweater and scarf are new, while the belt and skirt are older but some favourites of mine.  I’ve been looking for a white cardigan for years, and this one is as close to perfect as I can get!  I anticipate wearing it a lot in the future.

modest spring outfit

I ran some errands with my mom this past week, and wore my most recently made skirt.  When I made it, this exact outfit is how I envisioned wearing it!  I’m not normally a fan of blue clothes, but this fabric was given to me by my mother in law and I thought it would make a nice, neutral skirt for spring.  It’s actually a lot more full in person but it’s soooo comfy!

modest spring outfit 13

Sadly, there are only two outfits to share from this week.  I had every intention of doing a full week’s worth, but I have been fighting a migraine since Wednesday night.  Consequently, I spent all of Thursday, most of Friday, and maybe a better part of today, too, in bed.  But hey, two outfits are better than none!

I’ve also been struggling with my priorities lately.  While I truly enjoy blogging I feel like it sometimes eats away at time that should be spent on other things.  I have posts planned for next week but then I’m taking a break.  My main priorities are my husband and home, and I need to put more effort into caring for both.  I will still be on my Facebook and Pinterest, but this site will be silent for a bit.

Thank you for supporting my blog! I’m glad to have loyal readers and new ones:)  I hope you will stick around, take a look at old posts, and catch up with me on social media while I step back fro blogging for a couple weeks.

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  1. Sad to hear you’re taking a break, but understandably so. I can only imagine how difficult blogging can be. It seems like a lot of work! My husband and I take social media breaks all the time. It’s good for you! Have a great break!

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