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Hello!  I’m back from my little break from blogging with a whole bunch of new posts geared up to share.  To start, I’m showing you some of the outfits I wore while on break.   I didn’t do anything extra special while I was away from you all, except a lot of work outside and inside!  These outfits are regular, everyday outfits, but I’m all about keeping it real!

We finally had weather warm enough for sandals, even though I needed a scarf and cardigan.  Everything I wore here is thrifted, except my sandals.


My dad came down for a weekend to help me finish the basement bathroom.  I knew I’d be getting messy during the work, so I wore a “choring” dress and leggings.


I don’t remember what I did or where I went on this day, but here is what I wore!  I’m not a fan of the colour blue, so I don’t own a lot of blue clothes, but this skirt has been a favourite for quite some time.


One of the outdoor projects David and I have been working on is building a chicken coop in our backyard. Well, we need the permits before we can build, but we have been getting the area ready.  We planned to use an existing shed and convert that, but it would have required too much work, so we decided to build a new building from scratch.  A friend of David’s was in need of a shed, so he came to take our old one away, and he brought his mini excavator to dig a trench for the electrical wiring to run underground.  The coop will need power since we plan to have lights and a heater in there.  We filled the trench in by hand, but first had to remove any large rocks so that the sod could grow back. Let me tell you, it was not an easy job!  I wore this outfit for that task, and David said I look “homestead-y”…whatever that means!


Remember back in March when I posted about some things I thrifted (this jacket and tee included)? I had purchased a large cotton bed sheet with the intent of using it for sewing projects, and this skirt if the result!  I wore this outfit for church and got so many compliments on my skirt! Some of my friends at church were impressed that I had made it, and one even said I inspired her to make a skirt too.  You can see a shot of the full skirt (hanging up) on my Facebook page.


Everything besides my sandals is thrifted here!  I bought the tee shirt and cardigan during a big 50% of sale and the skirt was a previous find that I actually thought was a slip!  The skirt was marked as a slip, and the price reflected that, but my mom thought it was a skirt since the fabric is cotton and lined.  Whatever it is, i’m glad to have it!  I don’t wear white often, but I can see this skirt becoming a summer staple.


We took a trip to the landfill, did some errands, and went for a hike on a beautiful sunny day this week!  I opted for some of my most comfy pieces of clothing, including running shoes.  It’s funny how some clothes just work together so well that I find myself reaching for the same combos often.  This tee shirt and cardigan became a favourite last year and has been worn so m,any times since then!


I’ve missed being away from blogging these two weeks I was on “vacation” but admittedly, it was kind of nice!  I was able to focus on doing some major chores around the house which was nice.  During my time off I kept my Facebook page updated, so feel free to stop by and catch up on anything you may have missed.

And since this is a fashion post, I’m not going to miss the chance to tell you about my Modest Young Women Facebook group!  It’s a private group where women in their 20s and 30s can post daily outfits, modest inspiration photos, seek advice from like-minded women, and more!  We also have a group Pinterest board with TONS of great outfit ideas.  If you’d like to become a member, simply follow the link and request an invite.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I really enjoy seeing all your outfits! I always wear skirts, and since hardly anyone else does, it’s wonderful to get inspiration and ideas from your blog. A big hello from Ilderton, Ontario!

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