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Dare I say it…spring is heeeeeere! Yes friends, I think it’s safe for me to put away my wooly socks, bring out the tee shirts, and pack away the heavy winter skirts.  Even though this past weekend was a little cooler than I’d like, it’s still much better than snow!

On Sunday I wore this summery maxi skirt, but it was too cold for bare legs so I ended up wearing my winter leggings under it.  I also wore a long sleeved top underneath!  David commented that I sure do like my denim jacket…since I’ve been wearing it so much lately!  But he’s right, I like wearing it because it’s so versatile and works well for this cool spring weather.  My dress could very easily be dressed up with a nice cardigan and pretty heels, but my denim jacket and simple shoes keep it more casual.


Later in the week I met up with my best friend, and wore the skirt I made recently (I ended up removing the belt and untucking the tee shirt after this photo).  I chose to wear this outfit because it is casual enough for a coffee shop visit, yet looks put together.


In an effort to dress up my jacket, I added a super cute pin my mom got me for Christmas.  may10b

I spent some time outside this week weeding all of our six gardens, plus the two giant planters David made last year.  I didn’t take any photos of my outfits because they were not that nice looking!  But I will try for some shots next time I’m in my gardening attire.


Unfortunately, this is all I can share with you today. I’m having some trouble with my blog today and am unable to add more photos.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


EDIT, MAY 14: My blog is functioning as it should, so I’m able to share one more photo with you!  This is what I wore for an errand trip to town with David.  I made the skirt from a sheet a few weeks ago but this is the first time I’ve worn it.



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2 comments on “weekly outfits (17)

  1. Denim jackets are a MUST, especially in spring. Here in the south it’s gotten quite a bit warmer, so we are all going sleeveless. However I wear a denim jacket to church where they put on air conditioning so high you would think it was winter in there. :) It’s crazy! I love that first outfit!

    • I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without one!! our church cranks the AC too, so I tend to bundle up on Sundays as well.

      thanks for commenting!

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