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Alright friends, I think I’m FINALLY able to wear something other than maxi skirts now! Well…maybe not quite yet, but at least I can wear my brighter, cheery skirts more often.  I’m very ready for summer-y weather now:)

This outfit is what I wore to church, and while it may seem too informal for service, it worked well because our church is fairly casual.  This sweater has quickly become a favourite and this summery skirt I made is so fun!


This week the local library is having a week long book sale, so on Tuesday I went to help set up (and maybe get first dibs on some books…).  Admittedly, I struggle to find “casual” outfits that still look nice, but I think I did okay here.


David and I took a fun day trip to our nation’s capitol for a Tulip Festival, and then made a pit stop at an arboretum we like when we realized it was within walking distance.  Funny story about the festival…The website said it was at a certain park so we plugged that address into the GPS.  We expected an indoor exhibit as well as various gardens throughout a certain area of the city, but once we got to the park we realized it was more like a plaza.  The indoor exhibit was small and underwhelming, and the nearby gardens had such sad, patchy gardens!  The tulips I saw were no more special than those I have in my own gardens, so I told David we could just go home.  I had already gotten us lost on the drive there and had no desire to spend more time in the city.

We decided to check out the arboretum, and on the drive there we passed SO.MANY.TULIPS! Turns out, the festival wasn’t where we thought it was, it was spread out along the canal!  After parking at the arboretum we backtracked to get a closer look at the many, many, different tulips, and it was quite nice.  There were so many people though, and  not enough flattering light for picture taking.  These next two pictures were taken at the arboretum.


I’ve been rolling my hair like this a lot lately since it’s fairly easy and keeps it off my face.  David really likes it this way, which is a bonus too.  I first learned this style several years ago when my hair was very long (I think I found the inspiration in an old Seventeen magazine). At that time I was rolling and keeping the ends loose in a ponytail but it never looked this good!  My secret now is to style it when it’s soaking wet. I’m planning to make a video tutorial soon!


Like last week, I only have a few outfit photos to share because I spent some time outside and my gardening clothes are not quite nice enough to share!  Have a great long weekend, fellow Canadians!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun time at the Tulip festival once you finally got there! I like the spring and summer events and I am looking forward to going to one soon! Ps. Your last outfit is really cute and just right for such an event!

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