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It’s Friday, which means another round of my weekly outfits.  I hope you are enjoying these posts!  I used to only post one or two outfits a week, but I find this way to be more fun and consistent.  This week I was a little preoccupied with all the things I had to do, so taking photos fell by the wayside.  I still wanted to share my outfits, though, so I photographed them laying flat on my floor instead of on my body.  While they may not be the most exciting photos to look at, you can still see the clothes!

First up is what I wore on Friday to run some errands with David. At the time I thought this outfit looked nice but now I think it looks shapeless and frumpy.  Oh well, it was comfy and kept me cool!


Saturday morning, I worked at the library during the morning and tried my hand at pattern mixing.  I’ve been wanting to mix stripes and florals for quite some time but have always been intimidated by it. However, I knew the library would not be very busy since it was the start of the long weekend, so I chose to pattern mix on this day in case it looked goofy…at least nobody would see me!  I think this outfit works, and I’ll be wearing something similar again.


After work, my dad and I spent the afternoon building a pantry for the basement.  And by that I mean he built it and I…”helped”.   Since I “helped” I chose to wear some casual clothes that could handle getting dirty.  My tee shirt is a very old concert tee that I got at a Hawk Nelson concert about 10 years ago.  I hardly wear it anymore, but I will be keeping it forever :D


This next outfit is what I wore to church.  The dress is one I got while I was working at a university, and is one of my favourites. I used to wear it often but as I aged the neckline got a little too low and the hemline became too short (yeah, I got bigger).  I now wear a tank top under it and have added a bit of tea-dyed lace to the bottom.


After church we went to a BBQ at a friend’s house, so I swapped my dress for something more casual.  I wasn’t comfortable with the length of this one either so I wore a lace edged slip and allowed the hem to peek out.  may22b

Whew…I told you we were busy this week!  On Monday David and I went kayaking.


It was a very warm day, so I wore a sleeveless top and a light weight skirt.  I had debated between shorts and this skirt because I wasn’t sure how practical the latter would be.  Turns out, my paddle kept dripping on my lap, but because my skirt is almost the same material as a swim suit, it dried quickly.  Much faster than cotton shorts would have!


Some of you have told me that you want to see my everyday, working outfits, so here is a photo of my typical gardening/chores attire!  It’s not the best looking outfit, but it’s functional!


I’ve been wearing dresses or skirts for yard work and it seems to be working well.  For modesty I usually wear these loose capris underneath, and today I wore my newish rain boots for working in our 200 square foot veggie garden.

Below is a picture of how I usually style my hair on “chore days”.  I twisted my bangs back and just used metal barrettes to keep them in place. I’d love to have my super thick hair off my neck, but it’s not quite long enough for a ponytail.


I think that may be my longest outfit post ever!  Hopefully you enjoyed seeing a variety of clothes this time around. It bothers me knowing there are women out there who think warm weather is an excuse to dress immodestly, especially when they spend the majority of the year more covered!  It’s possible to stay cool, be modest AND look stylish this summer, and I hope you are finding my outfits to be proof of that!

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6 comments on “weekly outfits (19)

  1. Great outfits Christine! It can be challenging to stay modest and cool at the same time. I like to wear lightweight sweaters over dresses too.

  2. I love seeing your wardrobes. You’ve given some great ideas for modest fashion that I’ve taken with me to the thrift stores. I’ve toyed with the idea of mixing patterns but have held off for fear of looking goofy. Perhaps there’s an upper limit for daring fashion choices. I’m pretty sure I’m well past that magically arbitrary number. Keep up the good work!

    • thanks for the kind words, Rachel! I’m sure you can pull off pattern mixing, but if you are unsure, maybe start small? Try wearing a patterned scarf with a different patterns top and see how it goes from there.

  3. Love your outfits! I have been inspired by your blog to start photographing my outfits and putting them into a file on Google drive. It’s like a visual reference to help remind me what looks nice together so I can choose an outfit more quickly. Thanks! :) Xx

    • thanks Tina! What a great idea, to store photos like that. I find it very helpful for me to be able to see all my past outfits, too. Not only can I remember good combos but I can see what items I tend to wear often and what I don’t.

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