weekly outfits

Here are some of the outfits I wore this week.

I started out with a pretty boring but comfy outfit.  This is not an outfit I would wear out of the house, but since it was the weekend and I had no plans, it sufficed fr doing housework.

modest winter outfit

I ordered this top from Modcloth and was excited to wear it ASAP, even though it’s thin material is more to warmer weather.  But by layering a long sleeved top underneath it was fine for a snowy day, as you can see!  I had originally planned to wear this top with a striped max skirt but decided on this green, wool one instead. It was nice and cheery for church and then lunch out with David afterwards.

modest winter outfit

Here’s what I wore to youth group this week.  I chose to layer a wine coloured dress over a brown floral skirt.  Why?  Well, why not?  To make it even weirder, I wore a stripey scarf and…

modest winter outfit…a cute little kitty brooch!!!!  I became obsessed with brooches after spending over a year collecting them for my wedding bouquet.  I have a nice little collection but I don’t wear them as often as I’d like.  I must fix that!
modest winter outfit

In other news: my hair is long enough to be pulled into a sort of half pony tail!  It’s almost hard to remember that my hair used to be so short only 7 months ago.

modest winter outfit

The sky was sooooo nice and streaky when I was getting ready to take these photos, but then I realized to actually have a nice background, I’d have to walk up some very tall snow drifts and somehow find a place to set my tripod.  So instead I just stood beside the air conditioner in the backyard.  I am just now realizing that you can see my neighbor’s yard behind me…oh well.  Anyway, this outfit is what I wore to work at home and then run errands.

modest winter outfit

Sometimes I feel like sort of a faker calling myself a fashion blogger, since my outfits are pretty lack luster and not really inspiring.  But my goal is to show examples of REAL outfits, for real scenarios.  I could create much nicer outfits and take much better photos if I didn’t have other priorities, or if I just wanted to show off my cool clothes.  But my life is not glamorous or exciting.  I spend 6 days a week at home, mostly doing housework, bringing firewood inside, cooking, reading, etc.  And now that I’m working a temporary job from home, I do even less exciting things!  But spending most of my time at home is no excuse to dress poorly.  So my outfits may not be Pinterest worthy, but that’s okay.  I’m not sure most of what people do in real life is!


BTW: check out my writing on Modest Fashion Network, where I share some more ideas for modest winter outfits.

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4 comments on “weekly outfits

  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog via the link-up on “The Modest Mom Blog”, and I am loving going back through all of your posts. They have been very encouraging. :D

    I love these outfits. And how they are REAL outfits, for everyday. :) And your hair is too cute! Love it! :D

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  2. You give me ideas for putting together the clothes in my closet (really, a bedroom made into a walk in closet because I have too many skirts – mostly either made by myself or bought from thrift shops). You are right – most of us do not have lives cut out of fashion magazines, and learning to look nice and modest and (in Ontario here, warm) are the priorities. Thanks for your suggestions.

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