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I shared on Facebook yesterday why I’ve been so absent as of late, so I’m using that excuse as well to explain my lack of exciting outfits this week!

Most of the week was spent outside in the various gardens, planting, weeding, transplanting, etc. Here’s what I wore to do some work on Saturday.  Yes, it’s a white top, and no, i’m not worried about it getting dirty.  Lighter colours keep me cooler, and dirt can be washed off.  This is the same skirt I wore when I went kayaking and it definitely kept me nice and cool!may28

On Monday I went with my mom to her hair appointment and wore this new dress I made.  If you think it looks familiar that’s because it’s made from the same fabric I used for a maxi skirt.  I’ve made a maxi dress using a stretchy fabric, which was pretty easy, but I was nervous to attempt it again using a non stretchy cotton.  In my humble opinion it turned out well:)   When I wore it I received a lot of compliments, which I take as a good sign!


This week I went to a friend’s house to help her with the gardens there.  I wore this old work dress over a denim skirt (for length) and was quite comfortable.  Now, I’m sure a lot of ladies reading this will find my dress immodest because of the neckline and bare shoulders, but it fits my criteria so I wore it.  Everyone views modesty differently, and we all have different standards, so I don’t judge anyone else and I hope nobody judges me!


Here is another yard work outfit.  Again I chose light colours and a loose skirt for maximum comfort.


Yesterday I went casual for some errands and visiting our new pets…


Yes, that’s a little chick!  We are on our way to getting hens, and some friends of our agreed to raise the babies until they are old enough not to need a heat lamp.

This is the outfit I wore, which is nothing special, and doesn’t seem worthy of such a nicely-lit photo!  I’m just realizing I wore this skirt twice this week…oh well.


I’m really enjoying the warm weather, even if it seems sweltering already.  I refuse to complain because winter was so terrible!


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