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Happy Canada Day, fellow country women:)  And a happy Friday to the rest of you!  I can’t believe we are this far into summer already, although it has definitely been feeling like summer lately!  After a very long winter, false start to spring, and then some cool days, I was ready for the heat.  I’m not a fan of very hot weather, but I prefer it over the terrible cold of our Canadian winters.

Anyways, this week’s outfits reflect the rising temps but also something else…I started a new job this week!  It’s been over a year since I willingly stopped working outside the home, but we decided it would be best for me to return to some sort of job.  This one is only temporary, but has the possibility to be permanent, and is at a Christian book store!  The dress code is right up my alley, too, so I’ve been enjoying wearing some “fancy” clothes for a change.  Admittedly, it’s been a bit tricky to find suitable outfits since most of my clothes now are a bit more casual then I normally wear.  I think I’ve been managing, though!

Saturday was the start of wedding season for me (I’m a photographer), which is always tricky fashion-wise.  I need to wear something that is season appropriate, professional, easy to move in, and modest.  This dress has been in my wardrobe for years, and it was the perfect choice.


Sunday we had church, and I paired my sunny yellow skirt with a classic black and white print.  I was a little hesitant to wear this top tucked in because of the layers but I think it worked out alright.


After church I had an engagement session out at a farm.  I chose my sunny orange dress for comfort and modesty, since the neckline is nice and high and the hem is longer thanks to the added band.


For my first day of work I picked a bright print blouse and wore it with my simple white skirt.  I am undecided about this skirt because it’s kind of a weird length.  Usually I stick to knee length or maxi, but the midi length is a little new still.  Instead of tucking the top in, I left it loose but belted it so it doesn’t look sloppy.


I tried some pattern mixing this week and am pleased with the results.  Mixing prints is something I’d like to do more often but it takes some getting used to.  This set works because white is the main colour for both, and one pattern is more subtle than the other.


My trusty camera skirt was brought out for the first time this season and worn with a solid black blouse.  The skirt is cotton, so it can be dressed down with a solid colour tee, or even a striped top.  I feel like a solid colour makes it kind of boring, but it’t not bad.


Finally, I wore a black and white patterned dress with a bright cardigan.  This dress came from my mom, and is a little loose under the arms but the cardigan covers it.


That’s what I’ve been wearing this week!  I look forward to revisiting some of my work appropriate clothes that have been underused lately, and maybe making some blouses, since I don’t have a lot.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Congrats on the new job! I’m a working wife and mom, and I find that I’m a much better partner/more interesting person when I work. And then outside people get to see all the clothes I buy. That’s really my main goal in working…proving that I own more than pajamas. I love that first polka dot dress. What brand is that?

  2. I personally love the mid length skirt on you. It is a nice smooth a line so not too flouncy and you are so slim that it looks very neat. All your outfits are lovely. Hope you enjoy the new job! Probably will be nice for meeting people.

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