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Sorry for the delay in posting my outfits today!  It’s going to take some time for me to get used to balancing working outside the home and blogging, but I’ll get the hang of it again!

Last weekend I went berry picking with my mother in law, so I chose this red toned top to hide any possible strawberry stains.  Turns out, I’m a messy picker!!   I wore this outfit during the picking and the jam making, so I’m glad any stains were not visible…and washed out easily!  Later in the evening David and I went to visit my best friend at her parent’s farm.  I haven’t been there since we were in college and my BFF was home on holiday break, and now her dad has a bunch of cows!  It was fun to see the babies and get a tour of the farm.  I actually got to pat the bull, too! He was very friendly and just walked right up to us for petting.


When I went to work I wore this “vintage” skirt my mom gave me.  I have no idea how old it actually is or where she got it, but I do like it.  Ideally, I’d have worn a white or even buttery yellow blouse instead of black, but this is all I have.  Please excuse the the unflattering photo…I’d been fighting a headache all day!


This next outfit is a little more bold than usual, since I paired two very different colours together.  I love pink and yellow separately, so why not mix them :) ?  This top used to be a tee shirt but honestly, I was getting so sweaty wearing it, so I cut the sleeves off and made it into a sleeveless blousey thing.  There is some really nice lace detailing across the back shoulders so it feels like a fancier top instead of a tee.


On my days off I wore shorts and a tank top (!!) which I don’t care to share publicly.  I was fine wearing them around the privacy of my own home but I wouldn’t wear those clothes out and about.

For work today I wore this dress I made back in February. It was a maxi dress, but the length wasn’t practical for my lifestyle so I cut it shorter.  Normally, I have no problem wearing maxi dresses and skirts on various occasions, but the print, draping, and fabric of this particular dress made it feel too fancy for where I go/what I do.  The shorter length means I can wear it to work, church, on a date, etc.  I’m hoping to eventually make a wide black belt to go with this dress, instead of the grey one I wore today.

july 8

Since I have a job that lets me dress up a bit, you can look forward to fancier outfits than I’ve been sharing in recent months!

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  1. I like all your outfits – but the vintage skirt is my favourite. It is just the length I prefer.

    I have also been picking strawberries – 12 from my 2 plants in my garden!!

    • Thanks, Rebecca! I really like the length too. Wow, you are blessed to have strawberries in your own garden!

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