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Does anyone else think summer just flew by?  We are about halfway through and I feel like I haven’t even done half of all that I wanted to accomplish.  We have some big house projects on the go, which I hope will be wrapped up soon so I can share them with you!  In the interim, here are the outfits I wore this week.

On Sunday I wore this colourful outfit to church and then a welcome BBQ for our new Pastor and his family.  The skirt has fruit on it, and came from a thrift store in France. I was unsure what top to wear with it, since my only white one seemed too casual.  Most of my summer tops are patterned, so I took out the few solid colours tees I own and asked David which one looked best.  We agreed this warm orange was the best match.


For work on Monday I picked a mainly neutral outfit but added a bit of flair with red lipstick and long earrings.  My place of work is air conditioned, but my car isn’t, so I often get hot and sweaty on the drive.  But this outfit was really light and breathable…and proof that less clothing doesn’t mean you will be any cooler in the heat.

july 11

july 11bJPG

On Wednesday evening I worked at the library for an hour, while the other librarian ran the kid’s reading program.  It was so hot in the building, and we all had sweat just dripping off us!  But, I’m sure I would have been even warmer if not for my careful outfit planning!  This dress is stretchy and light weight, so I’m glad I wore it.


Yesterday I planned to do some yard work but it kept raining off and on, so I decided to spend time cleaning up indoors.  This skirt is a new creation, made from (of course) a bed sheet.  I wanted something to wear when I’m doing dirty work, so I don’t have to risk ruining any of my other nice skirts.  Although, I’m kind of liking this as more than just a work skirt!


I hope you are enjoying seeing my real outfits.  The outfits I share are things I ACTUALLY wear for real life, instead of perfectly styled ensembles that may look nice but are impractical.  I know a lot of fashion bloggers have posts like that, which are great lovely to look at, but I want to create inspiration for real women.  My outfits may not be the most fashionable, they are a little boring and perhaps repetitive.  But they’re REAL. The clothes I wear can be worn while you garden, do housework, chase kids, go to church, and (most recently) wear to work all day.

In addition to sharing real and practical outfits, I aim to show that dressing modestly while looking young and fun is possible.  People often associate modesty with old fashioned dressing, or the Muslim cultural clothing called a burka.  They may think women who dress modestly here in North America wear long skirts, frumpy shirts, no make up or jewellery, and are generally blah in appearance.  Granted, there may be some modest ladies who chose to dress quite simply, but that’s not my style.  I want women, young and mature, to see my outfits and be inspired to dress modestly while still hanging onto their personal sense of fashion.


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