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Another week has come and gone, and soon summer will be over.  We had a late start to the heat, but I wish it started earlier so I’d actually be able to enjoy it!  Three days a week, I’m cooped up inside at work, so all I feel is air conditioning! Although, my car doesn’t have AC so the ride home is quite hot and sticky.

I only have a few outfits to share this week, but hopefully you like them anyways. First up, is this dress my mom gave me a few months ago.  It’s loose, comfy, and cool.  When I woke up on Monday we had no electricity, which means no running water…which means no shower.  Ugh!   There was a violent storm during the night that must have interrupted the electrical service, but thankfully the rain barrel was full, so I was able to use some of that water to wet my hair and tame the craziness.

july 25

I attempted to braid my dirty, now wet, hair, and am somewhat pleased with the results.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a braid!


Here’s a bit of pattern mixing using one of my favourite tee shirts and a skirt I made recently.  As you may know, I have a penchant for making skirts from bedsheets, but this is actual fabric from a fabric store!  I asked my mother in law to take me shopping for some, since I find fabric store overwhelming.  I made this skirt the next day, and had planned to make a top in the most perfect shade of pale yellow, but sadly my machine conked out before I could finish it (the top). Hopefully it can be repaired soon so I get back to sewing!


On my day off David and I did some errands, including getting some finishing touches for our chicken coop project.  We shopped at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore and while there, we spotted the COOLEST tiles! It was a very hot day, so I chose my favourite lightweight tank top and trusty denim skirt.


Admittedly, I’m getting sort of bored with wearing the same clothes all summer and am looking forward to layers in fall.  I do love a good layer :)

BTW, in case you missed the post earlier, I’m doing a super fun fashion challenge and would love for you to follow along! More details can be found here.

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