weekly outfits (27) and #MYWAugust (1)

Wondering what’s up with the hashtag in my title?  A few months ago I created a Facebook group for young women who desire to dress modestly.  The group is aptly named Modest Young Women, and the ladies there were on board with a fun fashion challenge for the month of August.  The point of the challenge is to follow each daily prompt when getting dressed this month, participating in as many or few days as desired.  You can read more details on it in this post. 


Here are the outfits I wore over the weekend and for the challenge. On Friday I wore this silky top with my white midi skirt.  I was cool all day long, and very comfortable.

july29 b

I can’t remember what I wore on Saturday and Sunday, but on our Canadian holiday Monday, the challenge started.  The prompt for August 1 was summer white, and since I spent most of the day getting our new friends settled I opted for a casual bed sheet skirt.  The background is white with little flowers on it, and I paired it with an old tee shirt.  Maybe not the best outfit,especially compared to the ladies of my group, but it was functional!

aug 1

August 2 was your favourite colour, so I wore this green printed dress to work.  It’s been a favourite of mine since I got it in college, but I did have to add some lace to the bottom to extend the hemline.

aug 2

The prompt for August 3 was belted. Now, I’m a huge fan of belting my clothes so I thought this would be an easy challenge for me to do.  However, I don’t normally belt casual outfits, so I admit I struggled a bit here.  I had errands to run so I wore a belt for that, but then took it off when I got home.  My earrings, top, and skirt are all from a thrift store, while the belt is a relic from the 1990s.

aug 3

August 4 was the day to mix prints.  I wore an old favourite top and a skirt I made recently.  I think I’m finally getting the hang of mixing prints, but who knows…I could bay way off the mark here!

aug 4

I’m really having fun with this challenge, especially seeing the outfits everyone else comes up with!  If you’d like to participate, you can join the Facebook group (linked above) or just use the following hashtags on social media: #MYWAugust #AugustFashionChallenge.  I can’t wait to see your outfits:)

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  1. I actually really love the way you’ve mixed prints on day 4. Nearly everything I own is solid or striped so I had to try a little harder that day…which is a good thing! It also made me realize that I need to go shopping! I’ve gotten into a clothing rut lately so this challenge is really helping. Thank you!

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