weekly outfits (29) and #MYWAugust (3)…long overdue!

Sorry for the delay in posting my outfits last week.  I’ve been busy with work and then David and I went away for a few days.  But I’m back now to share what outfits I wore last week.  I’ve been following the fashion challenge I created this month, and will explain  the theme for the day as well as why I chose certain items down below.

August 12 brought the theme of “dressed by someone else”, so I asked David to pick out my clothes for work.  He likes when I wear dresses and this is the newest one I have, so he chose it.  The cardigan was a pop of colour, so he added that too.

aug12 copy

The next challenge was “striped”, and I planned to wear my red and white striped dress for a day trip to buy some peaches.  It was really cold when we got up, so I decided to skip the shorter dress and wear a maxi skirt instead.  Well, just my luck…it warmed up after we left!  It was so hot we literally had sweat dripping off our faces.  Nice image, I know!


Since it was so hot I tugged my skirt up over my chest to stay cooler.  It worked pretty well!

The next day I dressed in accordance to the theme “very feminine”. Well, I tried!  We were having family over to visit our chickens so I wanted to make sure I wore something that was comfy, easy to move in, and could handle a peck or two from a hen.  I wore shades of blue and green, and then braided my hair in a way that only LOOKS fancy but is so easy.


IMG_4238 copy IMG_4241

David said it looked very “womanly”, which, I think, means feminine!  I’ve worn this style several times and have a feeling it’s my new go-to.

On August 15, the theme was “light layers” so I wore light colours and added a loose knit cardigan.  I wouldn’t have thought to wear these items of clothing together but am glad I did.


Later in the week we went to an outdoor concert and then out for coffee with our new pastor and his wife.  In keeping with the challenge theme of “graphic tee”, while also wanting to stay warm outside, I wore a long sleeved top with my white skirt.  It rained, and was quite chilly, so I’m glad I also brought along my denim jacket!


For the rest of the week I was  in shorts (not blog appropriate) while we were at the cottage.  I’m starting to get really excited for fall layering again, and have had enough of this heat!

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1 comment on “weekly outfits (29) and #MYWAugust (3)…long overdue!

  1. Great outfits as usual. I really like the dress and red cardigan.

    The weather has been unpredictable here in the UK as well and I have found it difficult to dress appropriately when the temperatures suddenly change within a few hours

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