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Hello friends!  I know it has been a while since I wrote a new post, so I thank you for your patience.  I had every intention of keeping up with my weekly outfit posts, but that didn’t happen.  So today I’m sharing some outfits from August as well as September so far.

I made this dress for a family event early in August.  I used a really simple Butterick pattern and made this dress in a couple hours.  I LOVE this dress, and am looking forward to wearing it with dark tights and boots this fall/winter.

I can’t remember when or why I wore this outfit, but it was one I repeated during the summer.  The top is actually from the kid’s section of Old Navy and it fits really well!  It is a looser cut that is a bit shorter than I’d prefer, but I just layer it over a long tank top.

I made this white blouse earlier in the spring (I think) and it is one of my favourites…yes, I have a lot of them!

Here is another dress I made from the same pattern as earlier.  I used a heavier fabric but it was not too hot to wear in August.  I remember this day because my allergies were so awful!  David and I went into the backyard to take this picture and I had a sneezing fit!

I worked part time during the summer, and on my days off I was either too busy or too tired to put any effort into dressing nicely.  This tee shirt has been my go-to for years, and I’m guessing I wore that skirt with it because it was clean!

This is a colourful church outfit, consisting of my beloved camera skirt, and a blouse I made.

We had a little bit of cool weather earlier this month, so I took full advantage with a long sleeved shirt and a cardigan! I also used a scrap of fabric from an earlier dress to make a head covering.

Another cool day!  I actually wore a scarf!!

This was clearly a puffy hair, not going anywhere kind of day!

Youth group started up again this month.  Once again I am providing leadership for the older teen group.   I wore this outfit for my first week back, and the plaid shirt is a new look for me.  I have worn plaid before, but it always felt too masculine. This top has lovely colours though, and it used to be a men’s button down! I did some reshaping and hemming, and turned it into a top I really enjoy wearing.  David gave it the thumbs up and said I should wear plaid more often.

Yet another home sewn dress!  I have been using the same pattern lately because it is quick and easy to modify. I wore this outfit for a birthday dinner.

I tend to get pretty cold once the sun goes down, so I snuggled into this cozy thrifted sweater for a fun evening of When Calls the Heart and knitting!

I went out to Starbucks with someone from church, and wore this casual outfit. Previously I had been catching up on housework and sewing.

This photo shows my go-to hairstyle lately: chunky braid, folded over with a flexi clip, and my easy brown lace covering.

I LOVE this dress, and have never thought to wear an orange cardigan with it until recently. Oh yeah, and that is Laverne with me:)

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  1. The floral pattern of the black dress with the brown belt is amazing!! It’s awesome that you are able to sew dresses for yourself; this month I did a lot of dress shopping while trying to find something to wear as a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding, and it’s so hard to find something that fits quite right…

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