weekly outfits (30) and #MYWAugust (4)

Another outfit post so soon?  Why, yes indeed!  This collection of outfits is right on schedule this week.  As August draws to a close I’m MORE than ready for fall.  Not only is it my birthday next month (!!), but I’m anticipating the cooler air, changing leaves, baking with pumpkin, eating hearty stews, etc.

Until then, my wardrobe remains summery.  But I am certainly ready for more layers!

Up first was this fun outfit for the Modest Young Women FB group challenge, with the theme of “hair accessory”.  If you’re wondering what challenge I’m talking about, click here.  You can’t see my hair very well, but I clipped one side back with a sparkly bobby pin.  I’m proud to say I made my skirt and top, and I quite like the combination of them together.    I previously wore this skirt with yellow and grey, and then with an orange tee under a denim jacket back in April.


The next challenge was “road trip worthy”, which was meant to be interpreted however the participants wanted.  Some ladies chose to represent their favourite travel destination with a souvenir tee shirt, others opted for the perfect comfy travelling outfit, and I went with something a little different.  David said my outfit should have pockets (I’m not sure why), and said my camera skirt would be perfect because it has cameras, and people use those on trips.  Gotta love that man logic!  Turns out, this was a pretty great outfit:)


On Wednesday David and I went to see country band High Valley at a free outdoor concert in a nearby city.  The outfit challenge that day was “something new” so I wore this blouse I received as a gift from a  friend.


Yesterday my outfit was supposed to be “young and fun” so I wore this fun patterned top I made earlier this summer.  The fabric is a bed sheet from my old single bed that I couldn’t bear to part with after getting married.  Even though it didn’t fit our new queen mattress I saved it thinking maybe a future daughter of mine might like it.  Then I realized it’s crazy to hold on to a sheet for that long, so I decided to use it now for making clothes.  Maybe that’s also crazy.  I don’t know!


If the fabric looks familiar, it’s because I also made a maxi skirt back in the spring.  And if you are wondering why I’m carrying Vinnie in a basket…then you must not know me very well, haha!

aug25 b

That’s what I wore this week.  Are any of you following along with the challenge?  If so, I’d love to see your outfits!  Use the hashtag #MYWAugust or #AugustFashionChallenge on social media :)

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