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Well, we are two days into fall already (I know it doesn’t actually start until later, but in my mind, the first of September is the start of the season!). Seriously, where has the summer gone?  I am certainly not complaining since fall is my favourite season!

I wrapped up August with a few more days in the #MYWAugust fashion challenge.  Day 26 was “vintage inspired” so I went with this old skirt my mom gave me, paired it with Birkenstocks and loose hair.  I was going for a 90s vibe, since apparently that’s vintage now.


I missed two days of the challenge, so this next photo is from the August 29th challenge of “country inspired”.  I worked this day so I had to be somewhat professional, which is why I wore a floral blouse and a denim looking pencil skirt. Denim seems very country-esque to me, as do braids.  I posted a photo on Instagram showing my hair style that day.


Day 30’s challenge was to wear something with lace. I went for this lacy cardigan over a granny-print dress. Last winter I wore this dress with a different lace sweater, and then again with a chunky pink sweater. Admittedly, it’s hard to style, but I think I did an okay job here :)

aug30 aug30 b

The final challenge was “fall inspired”, which was easy!  I did a morning shift at the local library, and wore a super cute outfit along with my first Flexi Clip.  As the day went on, it became very hot and muggy outside and by the time it cooled down enough to be comfortable, I had already changed out of my outfit.  The best time for me to take outfit photos is around 7:00 PM, but by that time I had already changed into cooler, less cute clothes.  But I WAS wearing this top, with this skirt.


My hair ‘do was pretty messy by day’s end, but I think it was still somewhat presentable, thanks to my mini Flexi.  I did not dye my hair, although it looks quite different in this picture…the red colour is thanks to the sun coming in through large glass door on my left.  Normally, my hair is much darker, although it does have a fair bit of blonde in it too!

That wraps up the #MYWAugust #AugustFashionChallenge!  I had so much fun creating and participating, and was inspired by so many wonderful outfits that other ladies created.   If you missed the challenge but are curious about it, or want to see what outfits I wore, click this link to see all the posts.


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