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I only have a couple outfits to share this week, and those are what I wore to work, plus one for a casual day at home.  I work three days a week, and while I’d like to share my off day outfits, I’ve been fighting allergies and not feeling well.  I actually took a nap on Wednesday which is a rarity for me!

I so desperately want it to feel like fall!  This dress is not new (I actually got it last fall from) but I find it difficult to style.  The fabric is thick, which makes it good for fall, but the sleeves are elbow length so I need to wear a sweater for warmth.  Last winter I wore pretty much this exact outfit, but had shorter hair and was wearing boots instead of sandals.


I decided to go with the fall theme and wear this fun apple print skirt I picked up at a thrift store in Paris.  There are a lot of colours to choose from in the skirt print, but I went with (what is now becoming my fav) yellow top.  An olive green cardigan topped it off, and I think it turned out pretty well :)


I’ve been experimenting with hair styles and am quite fond of this one.  I gathered the top half of my hair into a little bun and then secured it with a medium sized flexi clip.  Surprisingly, this style held up all day at work!


This is my  casual “jam making-house cleaning-helping friends pick up rented chairs for their wedding” outfit.  Funny story about this tee shirt:  it says Paramore on it, which is a band I used to listen to in high school.  I was wearing this shirt when I met my husband for the first time:)  That was 8 years ago!


How’s the weather where you live?  Are you feeling like fall yet?

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