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FALL IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!! Although, yesterday I was still wearing a summer skirt and tee shirt, today is supposed to be a little cooler. Who else is ready for fall weather?

Last week I finally had enough of the heat, so I defied the weather and wore a very fall-like skirt. I picked this beauty up at the thrift store last year, but have only worn it a few times because it feels so fancy.


Last Saturday I did some birthday shopping with my mom, and picked up an awesome sweater!  You can’t really tell, but this is the dress I wore.


I like my new sweater so much, that I want to wear it all the time!  I paired it with this printed dress for work this week, and am seriously loving the look.


My bangs are really long right now, and they tend to get in my way so I have been wearing my hair up a lot lately.  This style is one I began doing in the summer,  but I like it for fall too.

sept-19b sept-19c

Okay, this outfit is sort of a different look for me (so much so, that when I arrived at youth group wearing it, the students commented on my lack of long skirt) and I’m not 100% sure I like it.  The idea is nice, and I really like my new tunic, but I felt kind of weird showing so much leg (even though it’s covered), especially when the tunic rode up when I sat down.  While the outfit is still modest, it is not something I usually wear, which is probably why it felt weird.


In case you missed it yesterday, I’ve been super obsessed with this colour lately…go check it out! And, if you enjoyed my fashion challenge from August, be sure to stay tuned for the new one coming in October.  You can see some details about it on my IG feed.

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  1. It may be near the end of September but it is still warm and sunny here in the UK as well.

    I tried leggings last year but while they may be comfortable, I did not think they suited me somehow.


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