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It’s hard to believe September is over, when it feels like the fall weather has only just begun!  I’m happy to be closer to October, for a few reasons.  Beginning tomorrow, I am running another fashion challenge in a Facebook group but will also be sharing the photos here and on Instagram. October Fashion challenge We also have Canadian Thanksgiving in the next few weeks, and then on October 28 is my four year wedding anniversary :)

September has been busy so I look forward to some downtime soon!  Hopefully that means more blog posts, but I will stick with the weekly fashion ones :)

This is the comfy outfit I wore for doing things at home.  The boots are what I wear when I go visit the chickens, since I don’t want their mess on my shoes.


Last Friday I woke up with the beginnings of a migraine and a very queasy stomach.  We had plans to see a baseball game with my in-laws, so I toughed it out while we headed into town for David’s class before meeting the family.  Long story short, the pain subsided, came back a bit on Saturday, and then stayed until Monday.  It was awful! I missed church and half a day of work because of it.  I went in for the afternoon, and attempted to dress appropriately.  My hair is much more flat here than usual, because I took a nap with wet hair.  This isn’t a terrible outfit, so I may wear it again in the future.


I felt much better by Tuesday!  This fun orange sweater dress was a Christmas gift last year, but I only wore it once (maybe more, but I only took a photo once!).  It felt nice and cozy for fall, and the sparkly brooch is nice pop.


Wednesday was youth group at church, and I didn’t have much time to take a photo before leaving.  I wore the same beige sweater as earlier this week but paired it with a dark purple jersey dress.  The dress is a bit too short for my liking so I added a denim pencil skirt underneath.  I don’t love the addition of the skirt, and am thinking I may need to make a dark coloured extender slip!


Yesterday was a day housework and canning.  I attempted to make pickled beets, so I wore a dark sweater so that any stains were not visible later .


I have sort of given up on French braids for a while, until my layers get a little longer, but Dutch braids have been my jam!  The Dutch braid is different from the French because you cross the sections of hair under the middle section, instead of over and under.  I like braiding my hair to keep it up and off and my face, and because it really shows off my natural streaks!


I hope you will join me in the October fashion challenge!  If you do, be sure to use the hashtag #MYWOctoberChallenge on social medias.


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