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How are you enjoying fall?  Does it feel cool and crisp where you are or is summer clinging on?  Thankfully we have had cooler weather, but not any snow yet.  I don’t mind the cold but I HATE snow.  It’s pretty and all, but it is a nuisance.

I sort of dropped the ball this week with the fashion challenge.  I was supposed to wear something plaid or checkered, but got the days mixed up.  I went with this outfit for chores, since it was practical.


Sunday’s theme was “summer skirt for fall” so I wore this dress.  It’s not summery in print, but the fabric is thin and the sleeves are short, so it is ideal in hot weather.  And no, I am not falling…I had just swung my leg out for a photo of my boots, but this is the shot David got :)


On Wednesday I had youth group.  My outfit theme was “red” so I wore this printed scarf.


Again with my beloved Blundstones!  Oh yeah, don’t mind that weird black thing in the background…David is catching beetles for school.


In case you missed aaaaallllll my other hair photos, here is another featuring a half up dutch braid.  I secured the ends with my very first Flexi Clip. BTW, here is a photo of my hair when I bought the clip, and what it looks like today.


Have a good weekend, everyone!

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