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Here is another weekly outfit post.  I’ve been trying to keep up with the October challenge, but it’s been a bit busy around here!  Here are some of the outfits I did manage to get pictures of though.

October 19 was “fave fall piece” so I picked my new orange cardigan.  Pairing it with this older Modcloth dress worked pretty well, and my Blundstones are a no-brainer!  In the past I have struggled with styling this dress, although I think I have finally figured it out!I have been debating covering up that odd point of the skirt fabric near the waist with some black to match the top part.  Thoughts?


On Wednesday, the theme was “secondhand style” so I wore this braided belt that used to belong to my dad.  Lately I have been trying to embrace a new fashion philosophy:  I will wear what I want, regardless of how stylish it may or may not be.  For example, I reeeeeeally wanted to wear this summery dress (see it here) over my orange skirt because I thought the colours would look nice.  Wearing long tops over long skirt is not really something I see a lot of ladies doing, so I debated going out like this because I didn’t want to look weird.  And, it’s fall, so wearing a lot of white may not be seasonally appropriate.  Even though I loved this outfit, I had doubts when putting it on.  Looking in my full length mirror, I was still unsure, but when my husband saw it and didn’t say anything like “that looks a little off”, I decided to wear it to youth group.  I’m so glad I did, because I personally think it looks awesome:)  AND I was so comfy.


My hair, however, is another story!  It has been the source of a lot of frustration lately, since my bangs are still so much shorter than the rest of my hair.  I pulled them up for a quick fishtail braid on either side of my part, then attached the ends together with an elastic.  My husband was surprisingly impressed with this style!


Yesterday the outfit challenge was “something old”, so I wore my favourite green tee shirt for a long day of cooking and chores.  Friends of ours gave us dozens of plums, so I have slowly been using them to make jam, plum butter, and baked goods. Yesterday I FINALLY emptied the fridge of the last plum, and will now be able to enjoy their deliciousness into winter.   I also tested out a new pumpkin cookie recipe that will be making an appearance on the blog soon.


Have a great weekend!

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9 comments on “weekly outfits (38)

  1. When I read “long top over long skirt” I expected the outfit to look frumpy, since every time I’ve tried such a look that’s how it turns out and I have to change clothes…but your outfit looks great!!! The top is a good length for styling that way, with the belt adding definition that keeps the frumpiness out. Gives me hope that maybe one day I’ll figure out how to pair my tops and skirts similarly.

    • Thanks, Susanna! It took some trial and error, but I think the key is to use well fitting pieces, and to make sure the skirt is a slim fit, instead of a-line. I hope you find success in styling your clothes similarly!

  2. I love love love your hair in the first picture! Maybe because that’s the style I strive for every day, and I’m a little jealous of how well you pulled it off! :)

  3. Hi Christina!

    Its been a while since I’ve commented on your blog, but I just wanted to say that I totally agree with Lauren, in that your hair looks so adorable down, and naturally curled! I understand your frustration with the bangs, though. My hair was cut similar to how your’s is now, with the bangs swooped over to the side, and the rest of it in layers. I remember thinking, why in the world did I ever think I would like bangs? They get in the way so much! They may look cute, but boy, do I have to jerk my head an awful lot to get them out of my face. So like you, I would pull them back into a hairstyle of some sort. :)

    I really love your first outfit! And as for figuring out what to do, unless you really don’t like the high wasted print up against the black of the top of the dress, I would wear it without putting anything else over the middle of the dress. It looks beautiful just the way it is, especially on your tall, slender figure. :)

    Jessica, from the Boyer Sisters blog

    • Thanks Jessica!

      I have had bangs most of my life but the grow out period is not worth it! Your hair styles are adorable, and I look forward to having enough hair to imitate them.

      I quite like the printed skirt on my black dress, and since I admire your style, I will take your advice and keep it as is 🙂

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