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Remember how last week I said I was going to dress the way I wanted, regardless of how stylish it is or isn’t? Well, I kept up my new fashion philosophy for a couple days…but then I grew frustrated with my clothes because everything “looked dumb”.  I’m just being honest, friends!  While I WANT to dress however I feel comfortable, I’m still stuck wanting to look good too.

This outfit is for day 22 of the October challenge, and the theme was “unexpected layers”. I wore a short dress over a long skirt and LOVED it!  Last year I wore almost this exact outfit and was so comfy both times.  It’s kind of hard to see in this photo, but I was wearing a cute hat and having a good “hat hair” day, too.


The next day’s challenge was “tights or leggings” but it was too cold for a short skirt to show off legwear!  I wore plain leggings under my skirt for church and was nice and toasty.


On Tuesday we went to see a movie, and the fashion challenge was “yellow”.  I recently made this maxi skirt and was looking for a reason to wear it, so I paired it with this striped top and denim vest.  David said it looked okay, so I am trusting his judgement! I also topped the outfit off with this chunky scarf I made a few years ago.


On Wednesday the theme was printed dress, which I tried so hard to wear!  My dresses are on the fancier side, and I was going to youth group so I wanted to wear something casual.  I like all my dresses, but I don’t like being overdressed for an occasion or event, and I felt like my dresses may have been pushing it.  David says it all in my head, and he is probably right, but being the only person in my community (that I’m aware of) who wears only skirts makes me feel like I have a big arrow pointing to me.  So I don’t want to be the one wearing a skirt that is also super fancy!

That all being said, I’m pleased with this outfit anyways, and will likely be repeating it.  David offered the suggestion of belting it, which works to keep it from looking shapeless.


Thursday’s outfit challenge was a fun accessory, so I wore this scarf. In the morning I was photographing a friend’s baby (I’m trying my hand at newborn photography and she agreed to let her son be model) and then heading into town for errands so I wanted a comfy, easy to move in outfit.


I’m curious: do you know other ladies in real life who are skirts and dresses only?  I have met so many wonderful women though my Modest Young Women group on FB, but so far none in real life.

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9 comments on “weekly outfits (39)

  1. I am lucky enough to live in a community with many different Christian religious groups that wear only dresses or skirts so it is easy to blend in. In the part of the city where I live (outside of the city in a rural area) there are many farming families who wear skirts and dresses and it is nice to “fit in” since none of my family or friends dress that way.

  2. I love your second to the last outfit. The brown belt looks fabulous with your red shirt. It looks very fallish too! :)
    I love your outfit posts….you dress so nice. 🤓😊

    Love in Christ,

  3. I think I only know one person who only wears skirts (and I’m pretty sure it’s not for religious reasons in her case). The long, flowy skirts she wears really suit her personality, so it took me about two years to realize I’ve never seen her wear pants!

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