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It’s FRIDAY FRIDAAAAAY!  Does anyone else remember that awful, but super catchy song called Friday?  Look it up…it’s by Rebecca Black and it is awesome.

Anyyyyways, here are some outfits I wore this week.  Nothing super special, but I think I looked presentable:)  I can’t remember what days I wore these outfits, but I guess it doesn’t really matter.

First up is a lazy attempt at getting dressed when I had to be at the library. Have I already mentioned that I work full time (temporarily) for a small library?  I do website and marketing stuff but from home, although I sometimes need to be at a branch.

I wasn’t sure how this outfit was going to look, but I think it turned out okay.  It was super warm and cozy, too!

modest winter outfit

This next outfit is almost like one I wore around this time last year.  It’s comfy, warm for winter, casual, and still looks like I made an effort to get dressed.  I wore this around the house and to the township office to drop some stuff off for work.  I wore my Blundstone booties since the ground was all wet and gross. I would LOVE to get pairs in other colours and even some snazzy canvas booties, but they are on the pricey side and I can’t justify the purchase. So hey, Blundstones, if you feel like sending me some boots I won’t complain :)

modest winter outfit

I got dressed on Wednesday planning to wear this outfit but then I realized “dang it, jeans are COLD”. I’m so used to having my legs covered by thick tights and a heavy skirt that I am cold in just a single layer now.  While I like the look of jeans and a tunic, I feel like this particular pairing just didn’t work.

modest winter outfit

Instead, I wore this outfit on Wednesday (for youth group) and I LOVE it!   I was a little unsure how everything would look together but I’m actually pleased with the overall feel of the outfit.  Since layering is my jam, I’m wearing leggings, a black dress, a sweater over the dress, the polka dot blouse, and a cardigan.  I was nice and warm, that’s for sure!  Since I’m obsessed with belting, it was only natural for me to cinch this whole thing with a skinny black belt.   I paired this outfit with black riding boots.

modest winter outfit

Now I want to take a second to talk about my hair, like I seem to be doing in my recent outfit posts.  BUT LOOK HOW LONG IT IS!!!!!!  Okay, it’s not that long…but I have enough that I can make a nice little pouf on top without having to backcomb it for volume.  You can see in this post from November when I first attempted any sort of hairstyle that I have so much more to work with now!  My hair has always been thick but it’s hard to notice it when it’s short.  My natural highlights are more visible and the curl is coming back, too! YAY!  Next week I’ll be sharing a bigger hair update, so be sure to watch for that. Oh, and I should add these two photos have #nofilter.  That’s all natural colour :)
modest winter outfit

This is the outfit I wore yesterday to work the morning at the library.  I feel like this is a good example of how a belt can really tie the outfit together.  Without it, I’d be sort of shapeless on top and, well, boring. But by adding a thin belt in a fun print, I create some visual interest and a more defined waist.  I think this outfit would also have looked nice with a belt in a colour close to the sweater but I wanted more fun.  If there wasn’t snow outside I would have worn black, heeled, ankle booties but I opted for my riding boots for practical reasons.

modest winter outfit

Phew…this was a wordy post!  I hope you are enjoying seeing my outfits each week.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the purpose I want my blog to serve, and you may have noticed I changed the header image as well as the tagline.  I started off as a newlywed and first time homeowner in 2012, but since then I’ve grown a lot, as has my blog.  My original purpose was to talk about things I encountered for the first time on this new journey (cooking, gardening, decor, etc), but now it has to share my heart for modesty (both inside and out) and faith based homemaking.

I realize that may not be what everyone wants to read about, but this is where my heart is.  Thank you for reading, commenting, and your support :)

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  1. such adorable outfits ! LOVE that polka dot top ! I try and belt things like you do but it doesn’t quite come off as cute as yours….haha
    Thank you for linking these to Wearing with Wisdom

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