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I’m back with another outfit post, but only sharing two outfits this week.  Why?  Well, in all honesty, this time change has me a bit thrown off!  It’s get darker earlier, and by the time David gets home from class, the light is not good enough outside.  Our home gets pretty dark once the sun sets, so indoor photos are out.  And, on Monday I dropped my phone and the camera broke, so all I can use it for is selfies.  That may not sound too bad, but trying to take a full body shot in selfie mode is actually tricky!

This is the outfit I wore to church on Sunday. Actually, this is a photo of me and Laverne. Having chickens is so much fun!


Anyyyyways, this is my outfit photo. I’ve been wearing this dress a lot lately and am really happy with the way it turned out this time.  I wasn’t sure about wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath a short sleeved dress and cardigan, but it’s a winner in my books.  I actually stayed in this outfit all day instead of changing into something more casual when I got home from church.nov-6

Later in the week I had a morning shift at the library (I’m a relief librarian) and then youth group in the evening.  I think I have talked about my desire to be a modest, yet fun fashion example for the girls in my group…Admittedly, I feel limited with what I can wear to youth group because I want to look “young” and show them examples of outfits that could consider wearing.  This wool skirt is hardly young, and I’m pretty sure cardigans are not worn by many teen girls!  But loved this outfit, so I wore it anyways.  I know it’s not really an “old lady” outfit, but for me, it doesn’t really scream “young”.  Maybe that’s okay though, since I’m 26 years old now.  I NEVER want to be one of those women that refuses to dress her age, but sometimes dressing age appropriate is hard when modesty is your main priority.


In hair news, this week I successfully did a french braid AGAIN! See it on IG here.  I also managed to do a real bun!!  Almost all my hair was secured in a high bun with a flexi clip, except for a small bit that needed a bobby pin.



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  1. I love your style, Christina! How fun that you are a relief librarian…being among so many books….{{happy sigh}} Thank you for sharing inspiration…

    Blessings to you,

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