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ohhh-kaaay, so I didn’t take as many outfit photos as I’d like this week…but at least it’s something:)

On Sunday I wore a bunch of pieces I liked on their own and took a chance that they’d do well together.  I think the cardigan looks best with a dress because it doesn’t break anything up but I’m pleased with how it turned out here.


Often bloggers show their best selves and are careful to look perfect in every photo…but we all know I don’t do that!  While I do try to look presentable, I also want to be REAL with my readers.  This photo was taken just after my outfit photo, and it’s what I typically wear to run outside quickly.  While I love my coat, it’s not always the most flattering since it’s so big!  But this is my real life: nice clothes underneath a warm and practical coat! I’m also carrying a surprise in my pocket…




All three of our hens are laying daily now, and it’s so fun going out to gather the eggs!

Moving on, this is the outfit I wore to youth group.  I had a migraine all day but was mostly better by the evening, although I was having a really hard time putting an outfit together.  David suggested borrowing one of his old tee shirts that no longer fit, and this is the one he chose for me.  It’s Totoro-batman…and don’t feel bad if you have no idea what that is!  Two of the girls at youth group knew what Totoro was, so at least I’m still relevant, right?  Haha, either way, I liked this outfit!  Usually I’m not a fan of graphic tees, but I like how this looks.



Yesterday was a day for chores including sorting through our Christmas decor.  I feel like I’m always trying to declutter, but sometimes it’s hard for seasonal things because they are stored away for most of the year.  I had forgotten that I had SO MUCH STUFF and am in the process of now going through it all to decide what I really want to keep and what can go.

Weirdly enough, all the other houses on our side of the tracks (there are train tracks on my street, and the houses are spaced father apart on that side, so it feels like my “neighbourhood” is just my side of the tracks.  And I like saying “this side of the tracks” because it reminds me of a line from some 80s movie!) have already decorated the outside of their houses for Christmas!  Last year I was debating putting them up in November because nobody else had, but I did it anyways.  This year I look like the Scrooge who hates Christmas!  I’ll get out and decorate soon though!

When do you usually put up lights and other Christmas decor?

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