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Over the weekend we had another dumping of snow, which is only the second since October.  Last month it stayed for less than 24 hours, but I think this time it’s here to stay.  I am not a fan of snow, except at Christmas but I can handle cold weather (hello layers).

A lot of people ask me if I’m cold because I wear skirts all winter, but I’m not!  You can read about why I actually prefer skirts to pants in cold weather in this post.

On Saturday my church held it’s annual Christmas dinner and silent auction to raise funds for a missions trip.  This was the first year we went, and it was a nice evening out with church family.  We sat with the new Pastor and his family, which was nice because we enjoy getting to know them all.  I really struggled with my outfit because my first thought was to go really dressy since it’s a Christmas event.  But the dinner was held at a facility that houses an ice rink, so many people went skating after the meal, which meant fancy clothes were not ideal.  Even though I wasn’t skating, and could theoretically have worn a fancier dress, I decided to go more casual so I didn’t look overdressed.


I added this cute enamel and rhinestone tree brooch for a bit of festive flair.  In my hair I wore the poinsettia flexi clip (which is only available during the holidays).  I also wore black tights and my Blundstone boots.img_8760

On Monday I wore the pink version of Saturday’s sweater, and topped it with a different brooch from my collection.  I had planned to wear a shorter length skirt, but the wind was so biting that I decided against it.



This is the outfit I wore for chores at home, including collecting branches from the trees in my yard.  I spent a few hours making some swags and garland for the house, and will post photos of that later.


On Thursday I was feeling like I just wanted to relax all day, so that’s what I did!  Some chores were done but it felt good to just cozy up on the couch with a big blanket and a good book!  Since comfort was key, I went with my old standby outfit.


That’s all for now!  In December I will be hosting another fashion challenge in my Modest Young Women group but everyone is welcome to play along!  You can follow the challenge on social media using #MYWDecemberFashionChallenge.



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