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Friends, if any of my photos are showing up sideways, can you please let me know in the comments? I’ve been having that issue occasionally.

It’s Friday, which means I’m sharing the outfits I wore this past week.  We had snow last weekend, but then A LOT of rain this week so everything melted.  David and I think we will have another green Christmas this year, but the snow will come later in the winter (and it will be sooooo cold!).

I have been quite busy around the home and wore yoga pants a few days, so there are fewer outfit photos this week.  We brought our Christmas decorations down from the attic last week so I have been sorting through them all and deciding what can stay and what can go.  Does anyone else feel like they have too much?  I have so many ornaments and they can’t ever all fit on the tree!

Here is what I wore for church (minus the hat.  I put it on after we left because it was windy and my hair kept getting in my eyes).   This outfit probably seems too casual for most churches, but ours is not a fancy church.



Here is a better shot of my hat.  I have never really been a hat person because I think they look weird, but David said this one was nice, so I wore it.  I think he was right!


This is the outfit I wore for youth group.  I was going for comfort and warmth, and I was successful:)  A few weeks ago I talked about wanting to stop worrying about what others may think of my outfits, and instead dress how I want.  For some reason, I am very self conscious of the way I dress.  Maybe it’s because I don’t know anybody else in real life who wears only skirts.  Maybe it’s because I struggle to find a balance between what is young and fun, and what is too matronly for someone my age.  Maybe it’s because, when I wear something more form fitting, people say I’m “too skinny”.

Whatever the reason, I have struggled with fashion choices for many years.  I am sure I don’t stick out in a crowd, and that people rarely notice my outfits, so I am trying really hard to pick clothes that make ME happy.  This outfit is the perfect example of that.  It’s not the most flattering, exciting, or even noticeable.  I mean, the colours are sort of drab, my brown shirt is probably too short to wear under the cardigan, and my top priority in picking these pieces was comfort not fashion.

But guess what?  I LIKE this outfit!  End of story.


Yesterday I did more cleaning, but this time worked on the basement and moving all my preserves out to a shelf in the garage.  Since it was December first, it was also the start of the new fashion challenge I’m running in my Modest Young Women Facebook group.  The challenge was made for the ladies there, but you readers are welcome to follow along too!  In fact, I hope that you do!  Please share your pictures on social media (#MYWDecemberFashionChallenge and tag me on Instagram @our_wood_home) so we can all see them!

Day one of the challenge was “winter white”, which I did with this grey and white sweater (excuse the mess around me…It’s my give away pile).  The wool skirt I’m wearing is one my very favourites!  I’m hoping to get some nice fabric this winter and make skirts just like this, since  I can’t seem to find any more in stores (this one was thrifted).


I attempted to get a good picture of my hair style, but it did not turn out well!  I rolled the sides of my hair back into little twists and secured them with bobby pins, then gathered everything into a ponytail using a flexi clip.  You can see a tutorial here.


That’s all for this week! Remember to check out the challenge and participate if you’d like:)  Ladies of ALL ages are welcome!  Here is the photo in case you need a reminder.


Speaking of reminders: have you taken a few minutes to fill out this quick reader survey?  I’d be grateful if you did!

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13 comments on “weekly outfits (43)

  1. I love your outfits in this post! They look very comfortable! I also tend to be self conscious of the way I dress, mostly because I don’t know anyone in real life who wear skirts all the time besides my sisters and mom. I usually feel really dressed up even in my more casual clothes because in the Midwestern U.S. it seems like eveyone is always in a t-shirt and jeans. So wearing a skirt, especially in the winter, is very different from everyone else.
    I may have to join in the December fashion challenge on my days off work! It sounds fun! I like how you did your hair too – I can never get my flexi clip to stay in my hair.

  2. Enjoyed your post very much…love to see your outfits!….wanted to let you know the pictures did show up sideways (on an iPhone 6s if that makes a difference)

    • Thank you, Jan. I wasn’t sure if they showed up sideways on just my computer or if readers could see it that way, too. Apparently, you all can!

  3. Love your outfits! Everything looks so comfortable! I also am self conscious of the way I dress. I think it’s because I don’t know anyone who exclusively wears skirts in real life besides my sisters and mom. I always feel really dressed up even if I’m wearing a more casual skirt especially in the winter. Here in the Midwestern U.S. everyone wears a t-shirt and jeans, so you really stick out of you wear a skirt or dress! I’m trying to not worry about what others think and just wear what I want, but it’s a work in progress. :) I might join in on the December fashion challenge on my days off work! It sounds fun! Also, I love the way you did your hair!

  4. I LOVE the outfit with the green scarf. Although I’m not into scarves to much, I LOVE that one!
    I love your posts, and you have so much encouragement. Thanks for sharing!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. The last two pics are sideways and facing opposite. Grey and white sweater your head is to the left and in the flexi clip pic, you’re facing down.

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