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Is anyone else done with winter?  We had a fair bit of rain around Christmas, and it turned to ice for a while.  Everything stayed icy for a while but thankfully we had some milder days where the snow and ice began to melt.  I began dreaming about planting my veggie garden, wearing my floral skirts, and enjoying the sunshine with the chickens.  But nooooo, we had snow this week and it is quite disappointing!  Also disappointing are my outfits in this post.  I mean, they are okay but I myself longing for my light summer layers and swishy skirts!  Oh well, that time will come soon enough.

First up is this outfit I wore to church last week.  The dress I’m wearing is one I rediscovered this past fall but hadn’t been wearing lately because it only has three quarter sleeves.  I fixed that problem by wearing a long sleeved top underneath, and my chunky cardigan over top!

On Monday I had lunch with my dad and decided to wear another warmer weather dress with a bright cardigan.  I liked this outfit, and am planning to mix this dress with other bright cardigans I have instead of just a neutral, which is my usual choice. Normally I belt this dress, but I opted not to this time for comfort.

I tried a new hairstyle as well, which looks “blah” in photos but it was quite pretty in person.  I french braided both sections of hair on either side of my part, then secured them in an elastic.  I then folded the ponytail in half so that the ends were on top, and secured it with a flexi clip.

On Wednesday I had the first youth group session of 2017.  Again, I wore my new fav cardigan, with a cat printed blouse and striped maxi.  This blouse is a little dressier because of it’s fabric but I think it works worn casually because the other pieces are laid back.


That’s all for today! Be sure to check back next week when I introduce a new money saving grocery shopping challenge!

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3 comments on “weekly outfits (46)

  1. I love your dresses, Christinia. Where do you find them?
    I wish it was cold where I live! It only gets down to 60 something in the morning, and then heats back up to 80 during the day. :(

    Have a fabulous day!

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