weekly outfits (47) + MYW February Fashion Challenge

Oops, no fashion post last week!  I quickly came down with a nasty cold that had me in bed for the latter half of last week, so I was not able to do any blogging.  But here I am today with some outfits, and a new fashion challenge, to share with you.

First up, here are some outfits from the end of January.  We are taking a membership class at church and this is the outfit I wore.  The skirt is the one I made recently, and the tops are old standbys.

For church I felt like wearing something a bit different, since the sun was shining and the day seemed brighter.  This dress is typically one I save for fall, since the colours are seasonal, but I layered it with a chunky cardigan and called it a day! To keep warm, I layered a long sleeved top under the short sleeved dress.

Also wearing a sparkly cat pin…because I can!  My hair style of this day is on Instagram, and is my version of a French twist.

Okay, next is another simple outfit, featuring my brown homemade skirt again.  Lately I feel like my outfits have been sort of blah, and more functional than stylish. If you want to see a regular, everyday hair style from me, check it out on IG.

Here is a different wool skirt, but the same top I am wearing in the first photo of this post.  I was wearing a much nicer sweater, but switched it out for an old hoodie to do chores.

That wraps up the uneventful last week of January.  How about some photos from this month?  As I mentioned before, I am hosting a fashion challenge in my Modest Young Women Facebook group, but everyone is welcome to follow along if they want!  BTW, on this graphic I accidentally mixed up February 5 and 5: “Sunday Fancy” should be on the fifth!

So for February 5, I wore this vintage wool maxi my mom picked up for me at a thrift store.  At first I was unsure what to wear with it, but opted for an easy graphic sweater this time around.

David’s birthday was on Monday, but he still had class, so I went with him to town and hung around the university cafeteria reading while he was in lecture. Afterwards we ran some errands, then came home and had pizza for dinner! The outfit theme this day was mixed prints, and I know you can’t tell from the poor photo, but my tights had a stripey pattern on them.

Next up was complimentary colours, which are opposite each other on the colour wheel.  I chose pink and green, because it is easy and I was feeling cheery.  This outfit was paired with my grey wool maxi.

Wednesday’s theme was winter floral, so I stretched it a bit and wore this somewhat floral printed scarf. Originally I had on a denim vest, but I knew the basement where we hold youth group was going to be chilly, so I chose a cardigan instead. Also on Wednesday, I tried a new hairstyle!  Once again, you can see it on IG.

Yesterday’s theme was unexpected layers, so I opted for a tee shirt over a long sleeved shirt.  I am not really a fan of tee shirts, but I was getting bored with the same rotation of winter clothes (did I accidentally create a capsule wardrobe?!). This particular shirt is from 10+ years ago when I went to a youth conference/concert and saw the Christian band Stellar Kart.

Well, that’s all for this week!  Today I am off for the weekend to a youth retreat!


PS: Have you heard about the book study I am hosting via e-mail?  

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