weekly outfits (48) : Disney edition

After a week long vacation, I have slowly been getting used to normal life again!  In case you missed it, David and I went on a trip to Disney World in Florida with my in-laws and some of David’s extended family (now, before anyone gets all uppity about how we can afford something like that, let me disclose this: my in-laws generously offered to pay our way since it was not possible for us to afford the trip).

I didn’t really know what to expect weather wise, but was told it can be cool in the mornings then quite hot during the days, so I packed my favourite summer clothes in hopes of sunny days! My goal was to be modest, stay cool, and be comfortable. I think I achieved all those, and today I’m sharing some of the outfits I wore (also, please tell me if the photos are sideways!  I have still been having problems with that).

On day one at Disney, we landed and then had to wait until our rooms were ready (we also opted for luggage delivery, which our bags would be taken to our room from the airport).  Unfortunately, this took much longer than expected, but thankfully we had packed an extra outfit in our carry on bags, so we were able to get into some clean and weather appropriate clothes!  This blue dress has been a favourite of mine since college,but since it is quite thin, I need to layer a tank top and a slip under it.  I was still nice and cool though!

I think this outfit for Magic Kingdom may be my favourite!  I’m wearing the shirt I made specifically for the trip, as well as my stand by denim jacket.

I know it is hard to see my outfit here but this is the only full body shot i have from this day.  I made this thick strapped top just before we had to leave home, and I am quite pleased with it!  The fabric is a jersey knit so it was very breathable, and since I made it myself, I could decide how high the neckline should be. My skirt is actually several inches shorter, but when I knelt down it rode up a bit.

I wish I had a better picture, without the watermark, but this is it for now (someone else in the family paid for the photo pass service, and once they download the images we all got, I will have a copy without the logo.  But until they do that, I have to use this copy). This dress is one I have mixed feelings about.  I like the print and the cut of it, but I am not really a fan of blue, and I think the hemline can make me look short at times.

For our meeting with Mickey and Minnie, we HAD to wear our matching shirts again!  Because it was kind of chilly that morning I opted to wear a maxi length skirt but the choices I brought were quite thin.  So instead I layered my top over this dress, which is thicker material and has a cotton lining.

All week I managed to stay as cool as can be expected even though the weather was quite warm.  I was comfortable enough to be out and about all day, but also maintained my modesty standards.

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