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I’m back with another week (or almost) of outfits.  It is still cold here in Canada, but we did have a brief tease of spring wether last weekend.

Since the weather was a bit warmer than usual on Sunday I went with a spring-like outfit, but with winter layers!  You can’t tell but I am wearing fleece tights and a long sleeved shirt! I am quite excited to share this skirt because it is actually a remake of a pair of pants.  They used to be nice and loose, but over time they…uh, shrunk…and were now quite tight in certain areas.  I liked the pattern and wanted to keep the, so I decided to sew them into a skirt instead.

After the nice weekend it got cold again so I had to wear my winter clothes…boo. It has been so cold this winter, so I have pretty much been wearing the same few items over and over.

This was a comfy outfit in the sense that I had a good range of movement and wasn’t restricted, but I am not sure I felt comfortable in it, does that make sense? I have been thinking a lot of about my personal modesty standards and what I want to reflect through my clothes.  My focus up until recently has been to dress modern and somewhat on trend but still remain modest.  I did not want to stand out in the sense of “hey look at that woman” but I wanted people to recognize that there was something different about the way I dress, yet different in a good way! I wanted to show that modesty and being fashionable can be done together.  That is why I kept my leggings and tried to wear them with tunics, but none of the outfits really felt “me”.  I think the reason they didn’t feel comfortable is because I was too focussed on being (for lack of a better term…) worldly.  I wanted to dress like society dresses even though I didn’t really like it. That’s not to say leggings and tunics are bad, but I just am not comfortable in them.

On Wednesday I wore this outfit to youth group.  Again I struggled with finding something that was young and fun, but also modest. I am always concerned about coming across as frumpy, especially to a group of teenagers. Why? I don’t know…maybe because I want modest dressing to seem appealing?  I decided on this outfit because I WANTED to wear it, and it felt like ‘me”.  Side note: this skirt has gone through quite the transformation!

Yesterday I had a meeting at church, and wore this outfit.  Again, it feels like me, but it is certainly not fashionable.  For most of my life I wanted to dress to fit in, but that is not always easy when there are certain standards I abide by.  My worry of coming across as “old” or frumpy stems from people constantly assuming I am younger than I am.  I know, not a big deal…but it is to me.  When people think I am a teenager (which they do, believe it or not) they do not take me seriously.  I struggle to find a balance between dressing age appropriate and dressing in clothes a grandma might wear, because then it just looks like I am playing dress up (or worse…trying to be a hipster!).

I know my outfits are not the best looking, or the most stylish, especially in the area that I live.  Women rarely wear skirts, especially not long skirts and especially not women my age (which is 26, BTW).  I also know that my inward struggle to be taken seriously as an adult is really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of life. But it is important to me.  I am learning to let go of it, though, and focus less on what people think of me in general.  I am obviously still going to carry myself in a way that is pleasing to God, but my outfits have become less important.  I still enjoy clothes, but I am only going to wear things that make me feel like myself.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2


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4 comments on “weekly outfits (49)

  1. Love all these! I love your personal modest/fashion standards and I also LOVE to do the tunics/layer look! You look amazing in everything you wear! :)


  2. I feel ya on fighting internally to dress how I want when others around me don’t dress the same and also assume I’m much younger…I try not to care what others think of how I dress, but I hate feeling like I stick out when I’m walking in to my university campus in a long, bright, flowy skirt while most girls there wear leggings. On the other hand, dressing nicer than my longtime standard of T-shirt and jeans helps with the “younger” problem. Sometimes.

    On the other hand (not that affirmation from others should really help determine personal clothing choices), I’m finding that others — family members and friends/acquaintances — recognize what my personal style is, and I’ll bring home clothing that maybe isn’t “fashionable” or that I feel would make me stick out more and they’ll genuinely compliment it as being “so Susanna.” Dress how you feel happy and comfortable and confident, and others will pick up on it positively. :)

  3. I’m glad to find I’m not the only person who struggles a bit to find outfits in the context of constantly being taken for years younger than I am! I don’t know what it is: I’m 31 and it’s still a problem :-)
    Perhaps, someday, when we’re 70…. :-)
    Anyway, nice looking outfits, and you’re definitely inspiring me to think of making a long skirt instead of buying one!

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