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Where has the week gone?  We have had unseasonably warm weather over the last few days, and it made me realize how done with winter I am!  The snow has pretty much all melted and we had NO flooding in our driveway or garage (praise God!), and seeing the grass again makes me excited for spring.

Here are some outfits I wore during this warm and sunny week!

I wore this sweater dress to run story time at the library.  It’s a little loose on me, so I wear a belt to cinch it, and I need to layer a top underneath it for modesty.  I wore boots since it was rainy but chose flats as “indoor shoes”.

modest winter outfit

Recently I went shopping at one of my favourite (expensive) clothing stores with a gift card my sister in law got me.  They had a huge sale on, so I was able to buy several printed sweaters, such as this one.

modest winter outfit

You know how people have “comfort food”?  Well I have comfort clothes!  This sweater is an example of that.  It’s so old, and has seen better days, but I love it.  I wear it when I’m not feeling well or having a bad day because it always seems to make me feel better.  Weird, I know!

modest winter outfit

I tried out a new hair style this week, and am pleased with the results!

modest winter outfit

Here is the outfit I wore when I sported this new style.  This sweater is one I got on sale too, and it’s actually a men’s sweater!  I am not a supporter of women wearing men’s clothes or vice versa, but I felt like this was unisex enough to be worn.  I shared a photo of it with some ladies on Facebook and they agreed with me!  I paired this sweater with a silk dress that is actually made from a recycled sari!

modest winter outfit

Those are my outfits for the week.  I am ready to start dressing in fewer layers and get back into my brighter spring outfits!

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  1. Cute styling with the hair band scarf ! I would not have known that was a mans sweater. I see that style in both men’s and woman’s departments.
    Love your style ! Thanks for linking these up to Wearing with Wisdom

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