weekly outfits (51) + MYW April Fashion Challenge (1)

Hello friends!  How was your week?  This post features my usual outfits, but somewhat different since I am hosting another fashion challenge.  Here is the graphic detailing the challenges each day for the month of April.

I didn’t photography my outfit for April 1, but I did for day two of the challenge. I took a bit of liberty with the floral, and wore this abstract floral print scarf.  I mixed it with the geometric skirt-pants from a couple weeks ago.

I am happy to be wearing spring clothes again!  Most of my winter clothes are dark coloured and I miss wearing happier things!

But speaking of happier clothes…the next challenge was “pastel” but sadly the weather took a cooler turn, so I was back to winter clothes. I know it hard to tell but I am wearing my denim maxi skirt and wool socks!  Although I tried to keep my outfit “spring-y” by wearing a coloured tee shirt under a hooded sweater.

April 5 brought the challenge of wearing my favourite colour, which was a bit tricky since I don’t actually have one.  I do like pink, purple, and green though!  I went with a pink shirt under a short sleeved cardigan and my bleached skirt.

On April 6 I opted for my denim in the form of faux denim leggings.  This yellow tee shirt is a new thrift find, although I will be shortening the hem.  I had been looking for a new yellow tee shirt but am quite fussy, which is why it took me years to find this one!

That’s all for now!  Have a good weekend:)


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