weekly outfits (52) + MYW April Fashion Challenge (2)

Here are the outfits I wore during the past week.

The fashion challenge for April 7 was “snazzy shoes” but the shoes I planned to wear were replaced with my trusty Blundstones because of the weather.  I wore this outfit for an impromptu lunch with a friend.

The next day we went to a family birthday party, and the outfit was supposed to be “practical”.  Well, my practical outfits are pretty casual and are not something I’d want to wear out.  So I picked pieces that are comfortable yet look good together.

I styled my in a fancy ponytail using a flexi clip instead of an elastic. 

April 9 was the Sunday my youth group students were performing a special dowelling drama to a song. I wanted to look appropriate for church, and also fit the challenge of the day, which was green.  This outfit is similar to what I wore for church the previous week, but I didn’t mind.   It’s hard to see here but I am wearing my new-ish denim maxi skirt.  This one is dark wash and has a straighter silhouette than my other denim maxi.

On Monday we had some really nice weather so I spent some time clearing out the flower gardens, tidying up the yard, and cleaning out the chicken coop.  The outfit challenge was stripes, but I wore my chore clothes instead.  I’ve had this tee shirt for a few years and it has become the one I wear for painting or other dirty work.  I paired it with my older denim skirt and rain boots, which are not pictured.

The next day I hosted a community group at the local library where I sometimes work (I have been working there in various capacities since summer 2013, and have been the on call librarian for about two years.  This means I cover shifts if someone is sick or away, or for special events like this one). The outfit theme was a shade of red, so I wore my reddish cardigan with a mostly black outfit.

Yesterday the challenge was to wear something white, so I wore the only white shirt I own!  On of my friends from high school made me this shirt a few years ago.  The shirt is in reference to a tv show, Veronica Mars, that we both liked in high school. When the full length movie was made continuing the story we went to see it wearing homemade shirts. Veronica was torn between two guys, Piz and Logan, hence my Team Piz shirt.  My friend was Team Logan, in case anyone is curious.  But I will forever remain #TeamPiz.

The shirt has seen better days, but I like it anyways:)



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