weekly outfits (53) + MYW April Fashion Challenge 3

Here are the outfits I photographed over the past week.  In keeping with the Modest Young Women fashion challenge, each outfit had a certain theme.  Here is the graphic in case you need a reminder of what I’m talking about.

On Good Friday I accompanied my mom on a visit to family in the city (David was helping his own family with some projects so he was unable to come). The outfit challenge for this day was “dressed by someone else” but since I was home alone, because David spent Thursday night with his parents, I turned to the ladies of my Facebook group for assistance.  I took photos of four different tops and four different cardigans and asked them to pick a set, and this was the most popular suggestion.  I don’t think I have woirn these two pieces together before, but I like it!  I wore them with a straight, dark wash denim skirt.

On Sunday I mixed prints with two of my most recent thrift finds.  The skirt used to be longer but I got it specifically for hemming, because I didn’t have a shorter striped skirt (although I have a maxi length). This floral top seemed a bit old for me when I saw it in the store, but I am happy with the purchase now.  The challenge for Sunday was jewelry so I wore a pair of Pandora earrings.  Obviously, the weather was a lot warmer than usual this day, since I am not wearing tights, boots, or a wool skirt!

But the weather turned cold again on Monday so I couldn’t follow the challenge of “light layers”.  I turned to old faves for a day of housework and relaxing.

Admittedly, I have found this challenge frustrating at times, even though I am the one who created it!  When I pick my clothes each day, I usually just grab whatever I feel like wearing that day, but the challenge was really restricting! Maybe I just feel this way because I am still stuck in winter clothes most of the time. On Wednesday, however, since the challenge was “your choice” I could wear whatever I wanted :)

I picked pieces I liked, even if they didn’t really match. The yellow headband is a new addition to my hair styling, and was made from the hem of a tee shirt that was too long for me.  Lately I have been having struggles with my hair, so to combat those I have been styling it in a basic way and using the headband to keep the stray frizzies at bay.

Most of the time my hair is either in a dutch braid, as shown below, but sometimes I do a french braid.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend!

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