weekly outfits (54) + MYW April Fashion Challenge 4

Sorry for not posting on my usual schedule this week, and missing Wednesday. My family attended the funeral for my grandmother on Tuesday, and I honestly didn’t feel like blogging much.  But I am back with the usual weekly outfit post, as well as another week of the Modest Young Women fashion challenge.

On Sunday the challenge was “Sunday Best”, and while this outfit seems pretty casual, it was totally appropriate for our church.  Since it was a pretty nice day, we decided to take the chickens out for a walk around the yard. But before we did, I got a quick picture with Shirley.

I did not get any other photos until Wednesday, and the challenge for that day was belted, which I obviously didn’t follow. I wore a bunch of thrifted pieces for our last night of youth group (until fall starts).

Thursday’s challenge was vintage inspired, so I wore my cat eye sunglasses.  We went hiking and then i did some gardening, so I wanted an outfit that was comfy and not restricting. Also, SANDALS! I had planned to wear running shoes but the bone on the top of my foot has been really sore, and my Birks were the only shoes that weren’t rubbing directly on the bone. I also tried a new hairstyle, which can be seen on IG.

That’s all for now! Have a nice weekend.

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