weekly outfits (56 and 57)

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I explained my absence over on Facebook earlier this week.  Today I am sharing two weeks worth of outfits, and it is kind of funny to notice the change from winter to spring clothes because it happened so quickly!

On May 5 I had a staff meeting at the local library where I work casually (my title is Relief Librarian and I pick up shifts when another staff member is away, sick, etc). The weather was cold and rainy, and remained so all weekend.

David went away for the weekend with a friend so I spent some time sewing, mending, knitting, and watching Netflix. Even though we were in the first week of May the weather remained quite cold. I wore a wool skirt, layers on top, and a heavy cardigan.

For church that week I braved the cold and rain and took a chance on spring! I believe I am wearing fleece tights under this skirt, as well as a long sleeved top, tee shirt, and then cardigan.

David returned home and we went on some errands together.  I once again defied the current weather and opted for spring clothes, but I admit to being quite cold!  

On May 12 I had an eye appointment in a town over an hour away.  I ended up leaving the house at 7:15 so this is my “rushed but hopefully still put together” look!

On Mother’s Day weekend we went to a BBQ at my in-law’s cottage (or, as some of you may call it, lake house).  Again it rained, so we had to spend the day indoors.  I wore a new-to-me dress that came to me in an odd way.  My grandmother died last month so my mom had been working on clearing out her condo. She was going through all the clothing and packing it up to donate, but saw a few things she thought I might like.  This dress was one of them, which may seem unusual for a grandmother to wear, but mine was pretty stylish (and young…she was turning 70 this year). The dress is not likely something I would have picked for myself, but I like it!

This past Tuesday I did some yard chores and then accompanied David on a tree ID course he was running. We hiked around the trails at the local university for two hours while he pointed our various trees and how to identify them.  It reminded me of college when we had to take a trees and shrubs course! We actually had nice weather all this week!

Yesterday I did more yard work and then we went out for dinner with my mom.  My yard work outfit was really comfy!  I made a few “work skirts” from old sheets last year  and they have served me well thus far.  Typically I wear one of my normal shirts for yard work, but I do have a few tank tops that I keep for that purpose.

Here is what I wore for dinner.  This dress is another handmedown from my grandmother.  It is really comfy and I can see myself getting a lot of use from it.


Here in Canada we have a long weekend coming up, so enjoy it fellow Canadians :)

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